xposed 2022 kink conference

xposed 2022 kink conference



Featuring presenters from Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle, XPOSED 2022 brings together a devilish and delightful array of topics ranging from the transcendence of shame, needles, blood play, hypnosis, emotional first aid, and much more.


Sliding scale pricing is an acknowledgment that while something may cost the same amount for everyone, that does not mean it is equally as expensive for everyone.

One person's dollar may reflect much more hardship than another person's dollar when it comes to accessibility and privilege. Sliding scale is an attempt to create a payment system that provides the same worth instead of the same dollar value.

Sliding scale does not reflect the value that you put on the event; the person who pays the lowest end of the sliding scale and the person paying the highest on the sliding scale both place equal value on that which they're getting from the event, and we are proud to provide a range of accessibility.

Want to purchase via e-transfer? You can send your payment to indigeovictoria@gmail.com. You MUST include the following in the e-transfer message:

2. Ticket Type: VIP or Standard 140/160/180


We have several ways for your to become a Member of INDIGEO VOLO. 

You can register your account and purchase your Membership online by clicking here

If you’d prefer to register in person, you can pay for your Membership and get assistance with your account creation at one of our monthly munches. We accept cash and debit/credit.

No, you don’t have to be a Member of INDIGEO VOLO to attend our XPOSED 2022 Kink Conference. However, if you plan to attend more events with us, or want local and reciprocal event discounts, you may want to become one.

That’s a good question!

If you are attending a munch, we ask that you do not wear any kink or fetish gear. Please wear your regular wardrobe’s clothing- although how formal you’d like to dress up is up to you!

We have no dress code for our Dungeon Parties. You are welcome to wear as much or as little as you like! Fetish wear is appreciated but not required- wear anything that makes you feel kinky, comfortable, confident, or cute. If you are planning to be nude, please bring a towel or blanket to sit on.

We encourage you to participate however you can to keep it kinky!

We have certain restrictions in order to remain in compliance with our various contracts.

Permitted sexual activity (requires a drop cloth) includes penetration of the mouth, genitals, or anus with toys or fingers only. Drop cloths and puppy pads are stocked at the DM Station. Feel free to bring a towel from home!

Restricted sexual activities:

  • Mouth-to-genital
  • Mouth-to-anal
  • Genital-to-genital
  • Genital-to-anal
  • Disruptive rape/CNC play

Not at all!

You do not have to play at any of our events unless you choose to! We encourage you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable. We have a large social area for sitting and chatting, as well as a quiet area with puzzles, books, and littles’ activities. We have a small bar, and various snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Sample the food and beverages, make some new friends or get caught up with some old ones, and enjoy the party atmosphere! 

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