xposed 2022 sponsors

xposed 2022 sponsors


INDIGEO VOLO is an adults only, LGBTQ2IA+ friendly, sex and poly positive non-profit society. We are dedicated to the safe and consensual education and exploration of BDSM and kink in Victoria, BC and beyond. We facilitate the safe exploration of alternative lifestyles through educational classes, social engagements, licensed and insured events, discussions, and more. 

Over the past two years, INDIGEO VOLO has undergone a great deal of changes, and has been taken over by a Board of Directors that is dedicated to providing accessible, welcoming, and genuinely helpful service to the community. This year’s new conference, XPOSED, is the continuation of this new start for our society and we wish to invite you to participate in this movement.


Formerly known as Conception, this event draws attendees and workshop leaders from across Canada and the United States. XPOSED 2022 will provide a safe and positive venue for adults to explore their alternative lifestyles and kink through workshops, discussions, social events, and play parties. For over a decade, XPOSED has been the largest ongoing kink & BDSM conference on Vancouver Island.  

Our goal for 2022 is to provide our attendees a small and intimate conference, with a priority on safety, community, and unity. We will be focusing on workshops and  presentations to amplify the voices and experiences of marginalised groups, including femme presenting people, marginalized people, LGBTQ2IA+, and neurodivergent people.


This conference relies on its many friends and sponsors to keep quality education accessible and  affordable for all participants. All labour, including from the Board of Directors, is unpaid and completely voluntary. Funds raised from sponsorship and ticket sales are needed to help to offset the cost of  presenter travel, accommodation, and to keep the cost of tickets as low as we can. Additionally, as of 2022 we are committed to making a donation to a First Nations organisation in recognition of the unceded territories on which we hold our events. 

Without the support of you and our community, we couldn’t provide the professional presenters that we are fortunate to engage. We encourage you to make a financial contribution to help us, and we provide benefits to your business based on our sponsorship model.


sponsorship model - WHAT WE OFFER YOU

INDIGEO VOLO Friend $50 – $100
INDIGEO VOLO Supporter $101 – $200
INDIGEO VOLO Sustainer $201 – $300
INDIGEO VOLO Leader $300 or more
SPOTLIGHT SPONSOR value based per item



We’ll be providing the opportunity for sponsors to put their name on things; something that directly improves the guest experience and gives you a chance to connect directly with our guests. 

  • Wine and Cheese VIP Cocktail Party (Friday night) – $300
    • Wine and cheese at the VIP Cocktail Party and presenter meet and greet
  • Coffee/Tea/Juices for full weekend – $250
    • A dedicated station for premium coffee, tea and bottled water and juice
  • Snack Station for Friday OR Saturday party – $150
    • Fruit and vegetables, crackers, desserts
  • Aftercare and Quiet Area for full weekend – $100
    • Signage in the aftercare area with energy snacks available
  • Light breakfast (Saturday OR Sunday) – $100
    • Light breakfast set-up for attendees in the main social area, as they arrive for classes. Consists of muffins, pastries, juice, coffee, and tea.
  • Light lunch (Saturday OR Sunday) – $150
    • Light self-serve lunch in the main social area. Materials for wraps, sandwiches, fruit and vegetables, with coffee and tea.
  • Bootblack Station (Friday party) – $100
    • Bootblacking station dedicated to shining leather jackets, boots and more! The donation is split between the bootblack and INDIGEO VOLO.


Represent your business at our event in the form of donations for our silent auction. A donation  worth a minimum of $50 retail value would be greatly appreciated. An approximate retail value  listed with the product is required. Our auction will follow the format:

  • Requiring a minimum bid at 25% of retail value
  • Offering a “GET IT NOW” buy-out price of 110% retail

The silent auction will run from Saturday morning until the end of classes on Sunday. In exchange, you become an INDIGEO VOLO FRIEND or higher, based on the retail value of your donation(s); see the table above for full breakdown.


Advertising on our website sponsor page puts your business in the minds of all of our guests and presenters! It could be a simple ad, a digital coupon for use during the conference, or even a fun meme! If you need creative ideas or help, please contact us! We’d be happy to design something special for  you.

All sponsorship levels include a digital website ad of the same size. Digital ads are not sold separately. These ads are placed in the digital program and on a permanent web page specifically thanking our sponsors and vendors.  

Additionally, we will provide a Digital Display Ad for INDIGEO VOLO SUSTAINER and higher sponsorship  levels. This is a rotating/slideshow ad, shown on a TV or projected onto a wall during our entire event- including parties. Each ad will be shown for about ten seconds each time with the potential  for hundreds of views. Interested in displaying a short, soundless video or animated ad? Contact us for additional pricing.

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