Writing Erotica: more than just sticking things in holes by Kay17

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2023 • 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

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Each class is by donation (cash or Square) with 50% of the proceeds going to our presenter (or, in the case of a presenter also being a Director to a charity of their choice) and 50% going to our conference.


Don’t get me wrong—sticking things in holes is a lot of fun, but it’s all too easy to make erotica sound like an IKEA manual: “put tab A into slot B, push until you meet resistance, ask a friend if you need help.”

In this class, we’ll explore how to use characters to add extra depths of hotness and complexity to your erotica. How do your characters exist beyond and within their bodies, and how does that affect the way they have sex? We’ll collaborate to sketch out what a character-driven sex scene may look like, and examine different ways you may approach the idea of “character” in erotica.

We’ll also discuss avenues into erotica, how to find inspiration, and how to take that hot scene and make it even hotter.


Kay17 is a queer author who writes across a variety of genres. She holds an MFA in writing and has been self-publishing erotica since 2018 under the pen name Evelyn Prince. She loves genre-bending work that challenges literary traditions, and loves exploring different ways of teaching and learning that cultivate individual voices.

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