Volunteering in the kink community is a time-honoured tradition that we strive to uphold with integrity. From the Board of Directors and beyond, all INDIGEO VOLO events are entirely volunteer-run. Everything you see is all organized and orchestrated by kinksters who have volunteered their time and talent. As a result, we are able to provide the community with  our undivided attention during our events.

Anyone who volunteers to help with set-up, decorating, bartending (SIR required), cleaning, or teardown will gain free admission to the current party OR a free ticket for our next party. 

All INDIGEO VOLO Volunteers must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.


INDIGEO VOLO supports kinksters with disabilities. If you sign up for a shift but are unable to complete it, don’t worry! Please let a Director know and we will cover the rest of your shift. Rest, relax, and enjoy the event.

We recognize that persons with disabilities face additional barrier and obstacles to attendance; this can include both the cost and/or physical commitment required for a volunteering shift to obtain free entry. If you are unable to volunteer and are facing financial hardship that will affect your attendance, please reach out to us by email.

INDIGEO VOLO’s Volunteer Co-Ordinator will be happy to work with you on any accommodations or schedule flexibility that you may require both discreetly and compassionately.


When volunteering, you are by no means restricted to that space. If you need to use the restroom, or grab a drink, go ahead! If you are feeling uncomfortable, there are resources available to help you.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME! If something comes up, or life gets in the way and you can’t make it, we get it! We just ask that you please let our Volunteer Co-Ordinator know in advance. You can easily cancel your shift via the Sign Up Genius system. INDIGEO VOLO relies on our volunteers to help make the absolute best possible event experience for the Victoria kink community.

If you feel uncomfortable (with a guest, another volunteer, anything!), or are unsure of what to do in a situation, please let an INDIGEO VOLO Director know, and we will do our best to help.

Please make sure that you meet our Equipment Lead at the front of the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad St.) at 4PM. 

Set-up for the parties happens on the day of the event. The duration of the set-up is usually about an hour and a half. We need at least five volunteers for efficient setup.

All of this is supervised by our Equipment Lead, so if it’s your first time, or you have no idea how the equipment gets set up, no problem! They will be happy to explain the process and ensure you have the tools and knowledge needed to work safely.

To help set up, you must be able to:

  • Carry equipment up an outdoor flight of stairs and load it into the transport vehicle;
  • Meet the truck at the Cook Street Village Activity Centre to unload the equipment;
  • Help arrange and put together the equipment on the play floor.

We love to make our events look as wonderful as possible, and our volunteers are an integral part of that. We have a wide variety of decorations and small items that need to be set up. You will NOT need to lift heavy items or climb ladders for this position.

Your duties will include:

  • Arranging the chairs and inflating the air mattress (with an electric pump) in the Aftercare Area;
  • Setting up the Littles’ Lounge (cushions, candies, activities);
  • Hanging paper garlands, flowers, and seasonal items.


With our change in venue, INDIGEO VOLO is now responsible for providing the appropriately licensed servers.

Anyone who volunteers must have an up-to-date SERVING IT RIGHT or SPECIAL EVENT SERVER certification. Please bring this with you, or send a copy to us ahead of time.

For the time being, we’ve chosen to offer a simple selection of beer, wine, and ciders. You will be responsible for:

  • Serving their drink of choice;
  • Collecting drink tickets – you won’t need to handle any payments!
  • Directing patrons to the drink ticket table as needed;
  • Cleaning and maintaining the bar space as needed;
  • Keeping an eye out for intoxicated patrons and not over-serving anyone.

Don’t have your SERVING IT RIGHT? No problem. If you take the course (click here!) and send us a receipt with your completion certificate, we will reimburse you after your first volunteer shift!

INDIGEO VOLO wants to ensure that our events do not cause any inconvenience to our venue. We are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the event space and there are several responsibilities our cleaning volunteer will be tasked with. These may include:

  • Wiping down tables and chairs with a clean rag and the appropriate cleanser;
  • Sweeping the event floor space for dirt and debris;
  • Spot-mopping any dirty areas at the end of the night;
  • Tidying the bathrooms with the above steps;
  • Gathering and disposing of discarded cups, plates, and utensils.

The venue provides all of the necessary cleaning supplies, and a Director will walk you through the process; it’s very much what you would expect when tidying up after a party! It’s not glamourous, but it’s an essential and very much appreciated position.

The morning after the party, INDIGEO VOLO needs a set of volunteers to unload the equipment from the u-Haul and to load it back into its storage space. The should take approximately one hour.

Volunteers will meet at the Victoria Event Centre, and will be responsible for:

  • Unloading the equipment from the truck and carrying it down an outdoor flight of stairs;
  • Loading the equipment back into the storage space.



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