The Importance of Disability Pride Month

The month of July marks Disability Pride Month, and the Directors of INDIGEO VOLO would like to get a bit personal, if we may. Of the six Directors currently serving on the Board, more than half of us have disabilities of various natures. Disabilities do not define who we are, but it would be inaccurate to state that they do not shape our experiences.

While for the most part they are invisible, we are all affected in different, and sometimes debilitating ways. We have been a support system to each other and the Board is stronger for it! This does not determine what we are worth to INDIGEO VOLO. It does not diminish our worth to our family, or friends, and our community. There is a place for everyone in the kink community, and we strive to be an example of that.

We have been dedicated to improving accessibility in all aspects of our society. Thus far, we have managed to secure a fully accessible venue (click here for details) for our events and classes, and are currently actively looking for a more accessible munch location.

In regards to our events, we have established an improved policy which allows for flexibility and accommodations for our volunteers. This has included, but isn’t limited to the availability of chairs and stools, short or modified volunteer shifts, as well as \sliding scale pricing for some events.

We are also working to bring the website up to the standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (this is an ongoing project), and will be consulting with community Members as needed in order to assess the efficacy of our implementations.

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