SATURDAY MAY 13, 2023 • 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

You do not need to be a Member to attend a class. Membership is only required for the Dungeon Party that follows.


Each class is by donation (cash or Square) with 50% of the proceeds going to our presenter (or, in the case of a presenter also being a Director to a charity of their choice) and 50% going to our conference.


Whether you have taught a million rope classes, are at the start of your kink teaching journey, or just want to know why you have such a hard time remembering who taught what class at that con three years ago, this class aims to offer something useful for everyone.

This class will cover learning outcomes, educational philosophy and values, and common kink teaching formats. It will also touch on how information is retained/recalled, how to tell if you’re doing a good job at teaching, and how to facilitate discussions effectively, with tangents on motivation and relationship building. The class will be somewhat meta in nature, as it will discuss its own lesson plan, style, and goals.

There are no prerequisites for this class. You are invited but not obligated to reflect on a positive or negative learning experience you’ve had in the kink community prior to the class.


enbydragon (they/them) is ironically new to teaching kink, but leadership, education, and community-building have been core passions of theirs for many years. Dragon loves to learn, to teach, and to love many things. They began attending events in 2014, and are honestly just really happy to be here. Their primary kink interests are submission, rope, and pain. Dragon’s values and experiences are deeply shaped by their queer, trans, and racial identities.

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