SATURDAY APRIL 8, 2023 • 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

You do not need to be a Member to attend a class. Membership is only required for the Dungeon Party that follows.


Each class is by donation (cash or Square) with 50% of the proceeds going to our presenter (or, in the case of a presenter also being a Director to a charity of their choice) and 50% going to our conference.


Pervertables 101 is designed to present various household objects and their various cruel uses, as well as to help cultivate a way of thinking about everyday items in a kinky, creative manner. Over the course of an hour, Roundfoot will present various items that fae has found interesting and fun ways to void the warranties on, as well as talking about how to turn a casual stroll through Canadian Tire into a fun excursion that may or may not elicit evil laughter!


Roundfoot (fae/faer) is a wandering pervert with experience in the Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Victoria scenes, all from a somewhat unusual perspective, to wit a seated one. Featured on KinkyCast and the Evie Lupine podcast, and having taught at events such as Frolicon in Atlanta and the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival in Seattle, fae is overjoyed at the opportunity to share faer knowledge in faer home town. A dynamic wheelchair user, faer experience having to see life through a different lens has lead to a lifetime of making things do what they weren’t designed to do. Though this skill developed in order to navigate through a world not designed for people with round feet, it has also given faer a keen insight on how to make stingy, thuddy, and restrain-y things out of everyday household materials. (It has also lead to faer getting kicked out of a Staples….)

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