*NEW!* Quiet Play Area

Hi Folks,

In our mission to make our events more accessible, and in accordance with community feedback, the board has decided to start using one of the venue’s rooms for quiet play.

Starting April 2023, we will open up the pool-table room for sensual and quiet play. We will be moving the massage tables into this room, and have also purchased 16 interlocking puzzle mats for this area. Two more flood lights have been purchased for this room specifically to avoid using the overhead fluorescents. This change will also allow us to open up the main dungeon to have more variety of equipment.

Quiet play can still happen within the main dungeon, but loud play that involves impact or a lot of anticipated screaming cannot happen in the quiet room. We are providing this room as a low-stimulation play area for folks. Of course we understand that some level of noise will occur, and probably the occasional grunt, but we are trying to avoid blood curdling screaming, thudding, and smacking sounds within this area.

Here are some of the types of play that can happen in this room:

  • Floor rope
  • Needle play
  • Wax play
  • Electro play

Here are the types of play to avoid in this room:

  • Impact play
  • Needle play with the intention to cause screaming
  • Grappling and take downs

*These lists are not exhaustive

This area will have a few chairs for folks to use, but general observation by the audience will not be permitted. There will be a dungeon facilitator or board member in the room at all times. At this time, there be no sign up board or coordination of the stations until we get a general idea of how much folks want to utilize this space. This is subject to change in the future depending on demand.

We also ask that people do not stand in the doorway having conversation. Please also understand that this is not a hang out area, or a space for aftercare.

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