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  • The ability to vote at all meetings of Members, including at the Annual General Meeting with open elections;
  • Early bird ticket sales and advance notice of events;
  • Discounts on every monthly party that Indigeo holds ($50 annual savings);
  • Discounts on Conception full weekend passes each year ($25 savings)

Community Savings

  • 10% off all purchases at The Garden of Eden (Victoria, BC);

  • 15% off all purchases at Susan James (Victoria, BC);

  • 15% off all purchases at The Romance Shop (Victoria, BC), and;
  • 15% off all purchases at Deadly Couture (Vancouver, BC).

North American Alliance

We also have reciprocal agreements with Metro Vancouver Kink, Centre for Sex Positive Culture, Bellingham Sex Positive Centre, Edmonton “O” Society, and the Portland Leather Alliance, which includes;

  • MVK member rates at all monthly Metro Vancouver Kink (MVK) parties;

  • MVK member rates at Westcoast Bound Kink Conference every January/February in Vancouver;

  • CSPC member rates at all parties hosted by the Centre for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, WA;

  • BSPC member rates at all parties hosted by the Bellingham Sex Positive Centre, and;

  • BSPC member rates at all parties hosted by the Bellingham Sex Positive Centre.


Required Documentation

Please download and read the Dungeon Policy and Release of Liability prior to completing this Membership Application. Your submission will then be subject to approval by a Director.


The Application Process

  • Please download and read all the required documentation.
  • Fill out your Membership Application (this form) with all necessary fields. a) If you are uploading your documents, your submission will be reviewed and subject to approval. b) Should you wish to verify your identity via Zoom, please indicate this, and a Director will contact you when your submission is reviewed to schedule a convenient time.
  • Once your application has been approved, you will receive a welcome email with a link to register for an Indigeo Volo site account.
  • Your yearly Membership fee of $15 is due at the time of your approval/renewal. Your welcome email will provide more information on how to submit your payment.

Basic Information

Identification Authentication

How Do You Wish To Authenticate Your Identity?

A valid government-issued picture ID will be required to confirm your identity and age when approving your application. You may either upload the images below or choose to have a Director verify your identity via Zoom.

Your documentation will NOT be shared beyond the Directors and will be permanently deleted once your identification has been confirmed. We will not retain a copy of your documentation.

If you do not wish to upload your documents please ensure you have selected the alternative verification option above.
Choose File

Please indicate whether you are a brand new Member of Indigeo Volo, or if you are or have been a Member previously.

DO NOT submit your Membership Application if you have not read, do not understand, and/or do not agree to all of the below terms.