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Boasting the largest play floor in the Greater Victoria Area, INDIGEO VOLO has been hosting dungeon parties and events since 2012. Join us in exploring your desires and meeting like-minded kinksters while socializing in a safe and consensual environment.

Partake in the spectacle of the scenes, enjoy an array of food and drink, and meet friends both new and old. Whether you lean towards the voyeuristic or exhibitionistic side of the spectrum, you will find a welcome home. Explore your needs and desires in a place that encourages consensuality, ongoing learning, and the sharing of knowledge and experience. We will happily introduce you to the various pieces of equipment to ensure that you can focus exclusively on your scene and play partner(s). We also have a number of members in our society who will offer assistance as you learn to inflict or receive sadistic sensations upon your play partner’s or your body.


  • Pentagram Cross AND St. Andrews Cross
  • Steel Spider’s Web Rack
  • 10ft Shibari Suspension Bondage Frame
  • Double-Sided Bondage/Whipping Rack
  • a dedicated sharps area (with biohazard disposal)


Did you know that INDIGEO VOLO events are entirely volunteer-run?

Between the Directors and a few other helpful Members, we’ve always gotten the job done and ensured our parties have gone off without a hitch.

One hour of volunteering gets you a free party ticket.



I. HOW MUCH DO INDIGEO VOLO EVENTS COST?2021-12-08T14:02:03-08:00

INDIGEO VOLO events costs will vary depending on the type of event. INDIGEO VOLO wants to ensure that our events are accessible to everyone. There is no cost to attend our munches. Members often choose to order food or drinks from the restaurant or pub that has hosted us. This is by no means required, but who can resist delicious food and on-demand drinks?

Unless otherwise posted, all INDIGEO VOLO Dungeon Parties cost $20 for Members and $25 for Non-Members. You do not have to be a Member to attend our events.

Membership to INDIGEO VOLO is $15 per year, and provides you with event discounts from INDIGEO VOLO, as well as discounts from several local adult retailers.

Interested in attending for free? You can always volunteer and get your admission covered!

II. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?2021-12-01T12:52:41-08:00

Good question! As our munches are held in shared spaces (restaurants, pubs, etc.) we want to respect their establishment and not disrupt any nearby patrons. So, please wear everyday type clothes to munches! As excited as we are to see everyone’s fabulous fetish gear and garb, we ask that you save it for our parties.

As far as dungeon party attire, there is no one answer! Basically, you can wear as little or as much of whatever you want! There is no dress code at Indigeo Volo parties. No one is required to wear fetish gear or revealing clothing, though a lot of attendees find that “dressing up” is a big part of the fun! For some, that means latex or leather. For others, it’s that comfy onesie or the little black dress they never otherwise get to wear. Everything and anything you feel comfortable in is encouraged! If you plan to spend time in the nude, please bring a towel to sit on. We also ask that you do not wear perfume or cologne to our events, as many Members have sensitivities.


Thanks for asking! We have our very own Code of Conduct and Dungeon Rules that all members and party-goers must abide by. These can be found on our site below, or downloaded as a PDF document.


NO. Genital-to-genital contact is NOT ALLOWED at our events. Kink can often be linked to sensuality and sexuality, but not all BDSM activities involve sex. This is a common misconception. Indigeo Volo provides an environment to explore your desires and connect with new friends and play partners. We strive to make this as safe and entertaining as possible.


YES! We are pleased to offer a cash bar*, which is organized and run by Indigeo Volo (licensed and insured), as well as complimentary light snacks. If you have any particular dietary requirements, we will be pleased to do our best to make accommodations. If you have a severe allergy that can be triggered by airborne particles or skin contact, please let us know a few days before the party, and we will do our best to ensure your safety!

Some of our past snacks have included fresh fruit and vegetables, crackers (including gluten-free), cheese, nuts, creme puffs, assorted candies, and more!

*At this time, Indigeo Volo plans to serve wine, beer, and cider.


YES. Indigeo Volo has been fortunate enough to secure venue spaces on a rental basis since 2012. It has always been a significant challenge to find new venues willing to branch out and offer us a party space, given the often misunderstood nature of our alternative lifestyles. We are required to abide by the restrictions and rental agreements of our venue partners. The venues are responsible for following the mandates of the province of British Columbia.

We also require that masks be worn unless you are seated.

We thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!



ANYONE entering the event at any time must be at least 19 years old & present a valid piece of photo identification

There will be NO MOBILE PHONE USE inside the event space. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Phones are to be silenced and pocketed or stored with your belongings at coat check before entering the event. If you need to use your phone, please take it outside the venue.

Video and/or audio recording is not permitted in the dungeon. Cameras, laptops, and any other electronic devices which may have recording capabilities are prohibited from being used inside the event.


We believe that bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities are made to enjoy consensual kink.

We respect and embrace all forms of consensual kink. We do NOT kink shame.

  • We want to provide a safe space for new and returning Members of the community to explore their kink. We want to protect the health and safety of the attendees at our events. This includes those who are, and who are not participating in a given scene. We want to proactively require enthusiastic consent and intervene in situations where there is an ongoing consent violation.
  • We want to respect our venue partners and operate within their insurance policies and not cause harm to them. We want to comply with any by-laws or provincial/federal laws.
  • We want to facilitate open communication and the timely resolution of issues.

The venue safeword is “SAFEWORD”. Calling your safeword ensures that all play stops immediately.

  • You must for explicit consent before touching anyone or their possessions.
  • You will not interrupt scenes, even if they appear to be done, or join scenes unless you have been explicitly invited to join before the scene started.
  • You shall report any violations of these rules to a DM or a Board Member immediately.
  • Failure to follow rules 1 and 2, when pointed out to you by a DM or Board member, may lead to temporary suspension or expulsion from the Society, as per bylaw 9, and/or your removal from Indigeo events.

Indigeo Volo does NOT allow firearms(real, replica, airsoft, BB, etc.), stun or taser guns, irritants (mace-type sprays), or open flames (lighters, torches, etc.) at our parties.

  • NO BODILY FLUIDS PLAY. Vomit, urine, scat, and diaper play are prohibited.
  • NO BREATH PLAY. Gags and masks that allow free breathing are permitted.
  • NO BLOOD PLAY. If blood is incidental to the play itself, i.e. blood from needles or knifeplay, such play is allowed. Cutting, scarification, or the use of sharp instruments to create any open wounds/flowing blood are NOT permitted. The primary concern is to ensure that blood is not airborne or splattering. Blood must be contained for biosafety. Please use a drop cloth during play and speak with a DM if you believe that your play will create incidentally flowing blood.
  • NO OPEN FLAMES. Please use non-flame heaters (i.e. candle warmers) and drop cloths for wax play.

The SOCIAL AREA is by definition an area where play does not occur. Those in the social area have a reasonable expectation of non-involvement in play. If you wish to use the social area to engage in pet play, bondage, or exhibitionism for example, please speak with the head DM first. We will be pleased to facilitate special arrangements to accommodate certain activities in the social area; communication is the key to doing this right, and we encourage this with a few simple rules:

  • All activities in the social area must be respectful of others who may not consent to accidental involvement in your play.
  • Impact play and rough body play are not permitted in the social area.
  • Any bondage that restricts the freedom of movement of hands or feet or that covers the eyes is not allowed in the social area, except by special arrangements to establish a safe space for display and participation purposes.
  • DMs are focused on scenes in the play areas and will not be monitoring the social area. Tops are to ensure the physical safety of bottoms on and off the play floor.

Scenes on or off the play floor in a designated area are not to be interrupted unless you are invited to interact with scene participants. RESPECT SCENES IN PROGRESS. Please be considerate of the mental states of those in scenes. Loud conversations nearby can be detrimental to them. Do not touch a person engaged in a scene or enter a scene in progress without the express permission of the participants. Do not carry on conversations with, or ask questions of people involved in scenes. Do not encroach on scenes; give players space to play. Do not interact with those in the aftercare area; wait until they rejoin the social area.

DON’T INTERVENE. If you see something going on that disturbs you, do not intervene; instead, bring the matter to the attention of a Dungeon Monitor. Our DMs are trained to observe scenes for the safety of all participants.

  • The Event safeword is “SAFEWORD”, or “RED”. Calling your safeword ensures that all play stops immediately.
  • SEX IS NOT PERMITTED ANYWHRE IN THE VENUE DURING THE EVENT. Penetration with toys or fingers and manual stimulation is permitted on the play floor ONLY. Please keep butt plugs and other wearables in place when in the social area.
  • KNIFEPLAY is permitted, provided it does not cause any flowing blood. Cutting, scarification, or the use of sharp instruments to create any open wounds/flowing blood are NOT permitted.
  • All play involving NEEDLES will be done in designated areas ONLY. Please use the sanitation and sharps disposal boxes provided. There is to be NO impact play when needles are in use.
  • Tops are responsible for monitoring bottoms at all times on the play floor. Please do not leave bottoms unattended on the play floor.
  • SOLO PLAY is permitted with a spotter.
  • There is a small AFTERCARE area. Please consider others and be prepared to move out if you have been there for a while and space is becoming limited.
  • INJURIES and EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS must be immediately reported to a DM. Anyone requiring FIRST AID should also immediately see a DM.
  • Please CLEAN ALL EQUIPMENT AFTER USE with the disinfectant wipes and gloves provided.
  • If you are unsure about how use specific equipment, ask a DM.
  • DM DECISIONS ARE FINAL. The Dungeon Monitor (DM) Team is responsible for ensuring
    compliance with these policies and maintaining an enjoyable environment for all. If you disagree with the decision of the DM, please discontinue the action in question and discuss it calmly with them. If you wish, you may appeal the matter to the Head DM. The Head DM’s decisions are final and will be fully supported by Event Management.

We take the safety and enjoyment of our Members very seriously. If anything infringes on you having a good time at an Indigeo Volo party we want to hear about it. We strongly encourage you to seek a timely resolution both for your wellbeing and to avoid the potential for rifts in our community. We believe that transparent policy and processes, timeliness, and good communication are helpful in maintaining a healthy and vibrant community. If you experience any issue at an Indigeo party please follow our simple resolution process:

  • If you experience a consent issue; please report this to the head DM and a Board Member as soon as possible. If you wish to address it after the party is over, please contact us. We will work with you sensitively and professionally to support you in finding a solution that works for you.
  • If you experience an issue with a DM during an event, please contact the Head DM who will be at the event. Explain the issue and ask for their help. If you would like support in addressing the issue, please ask a Board Member to join you. A Board Member can usually be found in the coat check/door area. Together, they will be pleased to help you find a resolution.
  • If you experience an issue with another Member; please contact a Board Member as soon as possible. We will be available to help you negotiate with the other party and hopefully settle the matter.


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