Some Upcoming Changes

Hi friends!

Our society has experienced a significant transformation over the past year since we inherited it in a post-pandemic world and welcomed a new set of Directors. We’ve been busy behind the scenes cleaning up loose ends and ensuring safety and integrity for our members, such as finding an accessible venue, implementing DEI initiatives, and creating incident handling policies. But we’re not stopping there! We’re now focusing on building a stronger, more interconnected community that’s even more welcoming to a broad range of people.

Here are some of the upcoming changes…

Transitioning to Dry Parties

Starting in May 2023, INDIGEO VOLO will no longer be offering alcohol at events. This decision was not made lightly, as we recognize that alcohol has been a feature of our events in the past. However, the profits made from alcohol sales are miniscule, and the burden of providing liquor services has become too significant for our unpaid Board Members and volunteers. Please note that our party in April 2023 will be the last party where alcohol will be served.

Raffle Draws For Charity And Fundraising

Instead, we will be obtaining a gambling license so that we can offer raffles and prize-driven draws on a quarterly basis. Our goal in transitioning to a gambling license is to foster community among the membership, as well as excitement and variety.

Our hope is that raffles will also:

  • Provide greater opportunity to foster connections with local artists and community members. We want to pay tribute to local artists for their skill and product, encouraging them to create more.
  • Increase profits for our society in a way that aligns with our values (without alcohol). The additional revenue will go towards putting on a fantastic convention and compensating presenters, as well as being donated to local charities. Our charity of choice for our June raffle is the Community Fridge.
  • Reduce barrier to entry for members who don’t drink alcohol.
  • Mitigate consent violations that can occur when alcohol is involved. In the event that someone is inebriated at one of our events, we can be sure they did not consume alcohol at our venue.

Once our license is approved, we will be sharing more information about the prizes and how to enter. We are hoping to do this by the end of April at the latest. Prizes for our June raffle have already been purchased or donated, but we are accepting items for future raffles.

We want to emphasize that participating in the raffle is entirely optional. Tickets will be sold separately, and they are not included in the general admission price.

With that being said…

Are you a local maker, artist, or creator?

We would love to hear from you and see what you have to offer! Merchandise offered by a creator can be donated, but IV believes in compensating creators for their work. We will purchase items from you if it fits what we are looking for and is within our allotted budget.

Items do not necessarily need to be kink themed. When asking for feedback, many people stated they would love to see various art and creations from local makers, as well as gift cards and other items.

Here are some of the items we would accept:

  • Kink merchandise and apparel
  • Event tickets
  • Art
  • Gift cards

On another note…

Kink-Themed Parties

We are excited to announce that starting May 2023, our monthly parties will be kink-themed (how’s that for meta?) Note: Members are not required to participate in the monthly theme, this is optional. The point of having themes, other than fun, is to expose people to other kinks and interests they may have never seen, experienced, or heard of before.

We will continue to host our signature “Prom Gone Wrong” and “Back to School” parties in June and September. The Board has come up with some ideas for possible themes. However, we want to hear from you, our Members! 

Theme ideas:

  • Little’s Tea Party
  • Pet Play & barn animals (no non-human animals, please!)
  • Latex & fetish wear
  • Rope & suspension
  • Sharp & pointy things
  • Humiliation & degradation (this will likely involve people being able to purchase tickets to pie or tomato our Directors…stay tuned…)
  • Leather
  • Wet & Messy
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