August 31st is International Overdose (drug poisoning) Awareness Day. Since 2016, over 10,000 people in so-called British Columbia have died due to the toxic drug supply. This issue disproportionately affects those who have been subjected to the generational effects of institutional racism and colonization of the land we refer to as Canada.


For anyone who uses street drugs in Victoria, Substance UVic offers free and anonymous drug testing of your provided sample:

Our team uses multiple drug checking instruments to determine a sample’s main active ingredients, fillers or cutting agents, any unexpected drugs, and the presence of fentanyl. We are providing in-person services and results are given on the spot within 15-20 minutes.


While we are certainly not qualified to speak in regards to any particular programs or options, we would like to share the Canada Drug Rehab Addiction Services Directory – which is a directory of all the programs available in the province, as well as several emergency numbers:

  • Canada Drug Rehab Addiction Services Hotline: (888)245-6887
  • Vancouver Island Crisis Line (250)754-4447


Most members of our Board are also trained in delivering life-saving naloxone, and we have several kits at all of our parties.

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