International Asexuality Day

INDIGEO VOLO ADULT ALTERNATIVE SOCIETY April 6th is the day we celebrate International Asexuality Day. Asexuality refers to a sexual orientation in which someone does not feel sexual attraction to any gender or person. As with all sexualities, asexuality can and does exist on a spectrum. How one ace person chooses to identify may not […]

World Autism Awareness Day

INDIGEO VOLO ADULT ALTERNATIVE SOCIETY Today, April 2nd, marks World Autism Awareness Day. INDIGEO VOLO would like to take a few moments to both highlight the unique and broad range of neuro-divergence within our community, and touch on the difficulties people on the spectrum can face. In an ever-changing world with an endless amount of […]

International Transgender Day of Visibility

INDIGEO VOLO ADULT ALTERNATIVE SOCIETY Today, March 31st, is the International Transgender Day of Visibility, dedicated to both celebrating the lives of trans people, and raising awareness around the discrimination they continue to face. Around the world, transgender people are faced with barriers and obstacles that society has constructed for a variety of purposes; none […]