about our events

about our events


INDIGEO VOLO is delighted to announce that we have partnered with a local venue for our classes, dungeon parties, upcoming conferences, and any other events that we will be offering!

Historically, it has been incredibly difficult to find venues willing to host our society’s events in any capacity. We are beyond grateful and incredibly moved by the warmest of welcomes and reassurances we have received from their Directors.

We have taken great care to fully explain to them the nature of our events and activities, as well as our safety policies, various insurances, and Codes of Conduct.

The venue is a single-floor recreation building located, and is accessible to people of all abilities! Due to the private nature of our events, the address will be disclosed to the email you have provided us when you purchase your ticket.


Please use the main entrance’s double doors. They are set to automatically open.

There are two restrooms, located right next to the side entrance. One contains urinals and a stall, and the other contains stalls only. We do not separate them by binary gender! Please use whichever facility you feel comfortable with. Both washrooms are wheelchair accessible, but please leave scooters outside in the hall for better maneuverability.


There is a small parking lot at the venue; parking is permitted in spaces that are marked “Reserved for the venue” only. Several stalls will be marked with orange cones, and we ask that those remain reserved both for people whose abilities do not allow them to walk as far, and as a drop-off and pick-up zone, only.

Please do not use the marked Circle K parking! We are not liable for any vehicles towed for parking in their clearly marked spots in the lot. (We have been advised that they WILL tow you!!!)

There is a #3 public transit stop right outside the main entrance. Please note that the last bus from this stop leaves before 9pm, so be sure to make alternate arrangements to get home from events held past 9pm.


The main auditorium features assistive listening technology in the form of an audio induction loop for individuals with reduced ranges of hearing. This will be extremely helpful for our hearing impaired friends when classes and workshops are held in this space!


food and drinks

Our dungeon events generally include fresh fruit and vegetables, crackers, cream puffs, various sweet and salty snacks, and a range of non-alcoholic beverages. We provide gluten-free and vegan options for snacks, and various sugar-free drinks.

All INDIGEO VOLO events are NUT and SEAFOOD FREE. We do not serve any nut or seafood products, or products that contain nuts or seafood. However, we cannot guarantee against cross-contamination during the initial production process.

If you have a severe allergy that can be triggered by airborne particles or skin contact, please let us know a few days before the party, and we will do our best to ensure your safety! If you have any particular dietary requirements, we will do our best to make accommodations. 

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