2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

1:30 PM • Doors open for AGM
2:00 PM • AGM begins
6:00 PM • AGM ends

All INDIGEO VOLO events are SCENT FREE SPACES. If we can smell your scented product, you will be asked to wash it off or to leave.

We also require all attendees to show valid identification and proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Any Members who renewed or purchased their Membership after March 6, 2024 will be able to attend the meeting but not participate in the election.

You must be a Member in good standing for at least 30 days to vote or run for the Board.


Please ensure that you include the LEGAL NAMES of yourself and your proxyholder.

It’s that time of year again – our AGM is on the horizon! It’s our chance to look back at what we’ve accomplished, dive into the nitty-gritty of challenges and triumphs, and brainstorm where we’re headed next. 


We’re all in this together, creating a space where everyone feels heard and welcome. Our Members are front and center. Whether you’re new to the society or a seasoned Member, your varied perspectives and experiences are what makes us thrive. Join us in helping to shape the future of INDIGEO VOLO.


At this time, the Board asks anyone who would like be a Director of the Board to submit their candidacies up until April 1st, by 12 PM. Tell us what position you want to run for, and anything that you feel will be of interest. You may also stand for election during the meeting.

Want to have an issue added to the agenda, submit your name as a candidate for the Board, or have any questions about the whole process?

Want to have an issue added to the agenda, submit your name as a candidate for the Board, or have any questions about the whole process?


The following are duties that all INDIGEO VOLO Directors are asked to perform:

  • Attend the monthly munch and be able to provide the Orientation;
  • Assist with the organizing and running of monthly parties;
  • Post on our Fetlife to advertise events, and reply to communications as needed;
  • Distribute the party posters to local shops (accessibility permitting).

open board positions

  • Respond to inquires and other communications in a timely and professional manner;
  • Provide the Membership Orientation as needed at munches and during events;
  • Represent INDIGEO VOLO when needed.
  • Attend all (or most) meetings and keep the agenda, meeting notes and action items;
  • Keep the Membership database updated with Google Sheets;
  • Keep an advertising schedule;
  • Reply to inquiries related to Membership as needed.
  • Respond to inquires and other communications regarding finances in a timely and professional manner;
  • Tracking and providing payments and reimbursements as needed;
  • Responsibility and management of the lockbox and the monthly bank deposits;
  • Counting cash at the end of the night (with one other director as a witness);
  • Being a signer (2 required) on cheques and making payment to the venue and ordering cheques as needed;
  • Keeping records up to date and creating quarterly financial reports.
    This position is considered as a general Director's position; this is any position outside of Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. This position largely focuses on the collaborative duties, and other duties that are suited to your interests and abilities.

    meet the candidates

    aidan / iggypup

    I’m Aidan, and I’ve been serving on the Board for almost two years now as a Director-at-Large. You may have seen me coordinating the transportation and setup of the dungeon equipment we use for our parties. When I’m not doing that, I’m doing my best to listen and have thoughtful conversations about how Indigeo, as the only registered non-profit society for kink in BC, can continually improve in meeting the needs of a community as diverse and risk-involved as ours. It can be a delicate balancing act when community needs conflict with each other or with the legal constraints of a non-profit, but it’s work that I’m proud to do, and it’s rewarded when I see people finding connection and a sense of safety and belonging, especially when that may be hard to find in the vanilla world. A little background on me: I am a white settler living on unceded (i.e. stolen) W̱SÁNEĆ territory, navigating life as a trans and neurodivergent individual. Despite my feelings on organizational hierarchy, I am submitting my candidacy for the role of president, with a firm commitment to democratic decision-making and consensus-building wherever possible. The needs and interests of the community, especially the most marginalized among us, are important to me, so if there is something we as a Board can be doing better, I want to hear about it. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to see you at the AGM or another event very soon!


    I’m BubbleFighter. I live on stolen Coast Salish Territory, specifically that of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples. I’ve been in the kink community for around two years now, and I’ve been a regular fixture volunteering at Indigeo parties, and I would like to take the next step and run for the position of Secretary. I have invisible physical disabilities, as well as being neuroduvergent. Honestly, I have a bit of a secretary kink, so my commitment to the bit will really drive me far in this position. I’d love the opportunity to serve the board, serve the community, and serve cunt.
    Thanks, y’all!

    directors at large
    jordan / roundfoot

    Hello, everyone! I’m Jordan. I’ve spent the past year on the board, first as a Director at Large and then as acting Vice President during Nova’s acting Presidency. I would be honoured if you would let me bring my perspective as a physically disabled Asian kinkster to the board for another year. This is why I’m standing once again for Director at Large.

    erin / erinpuppy

    Hi! I’m Erin, I’m running for director at large. you may recognize me from munches or parties, I’ve been a director at large for a short time and I love helping out and nothing makes me happier than seeing people able to feel safe and enjoy themselves at events. I hope to continue to work to make this community safe and inclusive. As a trans autistic woman this is something very close to my heart. I hope to continue to serve this community and thank you for your time.

    mickey / flamesandflyers

    Howdy, I mostly go by Mickey in the community. I identify as a queer trans wasian with ADHD and other learning disabilities. I’m planning to run for director at large. Right now, I am a full-time university student so balancing that with my board responsibilities is my main priority. In my short time on the board so far I have encouraged Indigeo’s participation in Sexpo (along with helping facilitate that in-between my midterms) and I have strived to be as helpful as I can whenever I can. I’m not great at thinking of things but when a task needs to be done I can do it! I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve our community and make Indigeo a better and more inclusive group.


    These duties are generally conducted during parties, and are performed within other Directorial positions.

    your entrance wristband
    • Purchase the monthly party food (paid for by INDIGEO VOLO);
    • Prepare the food (cutting all fruit and vegetables, cooking and heating appetizers, arranging desserts, etc.) and put out platters on an established timeline;
    • Maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen area and assist with the end of night cleanup.
    • Create volunteer callouts on social media;
    • Assist with any questions and direct volunteers to their positions as needed;
    • Keep an eye on the volunteer positions still needed prior to a party and assist in getting them filled.
    • Schedule the u-Haul for events and pick up the truck, bringing it to the storage garage;
    • Direct the volunteers with loading up the equipment and bringing it to the venue, and returning it the next day;
    • Supervise the setup and teardown of the equipment;
    • Check the general condition of our equipment and effect repairs to whatever extent is necessary and possible;
    • Coordinate the lending of equipment to other organizations as needed.

    the election process

    All members of INDIGEO VOLO are welcome to attend the AGM. Attendees must be a member in good standing for a minimum of 30 days in order to be eligible to vote.

    For titled positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer), you may only vote for one candidate per position. Candidates for titled positions will be considered to have won the election if they receive the plurality of votes (i.e. more than any other candidate for that position).

    For Directors-at-Large, you may vote for as many candidates as you like. 

    Candidates for Director-at-Large will be considered to have won the election if they receive a number of votes that is equal to or greater than 50% of the number of electors.

    Votes will be cast by secret ballot. Ballot sheets will be provided, including the positions and candidates, as well as several write-in slots. Please clearly mark the box next to the candidate for whom you wish to vote and ensure your ballot sheet is clearly marked and legible, as illegible ballots will not be counted. When you have completed your ballot sheet, fold it in half and place it in the ballot box at the front of the room.

    Votes will be counted by two independent facilitators, and the results announced by the end of the AGM as well as posted online.


    • Opening Remarks

      Quick welcome and overview of the AGM's goals. This will include a territorial acknowledgement.

    • Approval of Previous AGM Minutes

      Reviewing and approving the minutes from the last AGM.

    • President's Report

      A look back at the year's achievements, challenges, and the impact on the community.

    • Treasurer's Report

      Financial summary, including income, expenditures, and the financial health of the society.

    • Elections of Board Members

      Nominating and voting in new Directors or re-electing existing ones.

    • Educational Update

      Overview of past classes and their outcomes, and proposed changes to the educational model.

    • Community Engagement & Safety Report

      Discussing efforts in community building, safety protocols, and incident handling.

    • Proposed Amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws

      Discussing any proposed changes to the governing documents, to be voted on at a later special meeting.

    • Member Proposals & Discussion

      Open floor period for Members to bring up ideas, concerns, or questions for group discussion.

    • Future Plans

      Unveiling plans for the upcoming year, including any events, partnerships, and projects.

    • Closing Remarks

      Summarizing the meeting and outlining our next steps.


    other documents

    For other current documentation, please visit our dedicated page with our release of liability, current bylaws, and more.

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