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Are You Afraid Yet?

Fear is a powerful tool to add to your kinky arsenal, but it is more than just knives and masks (though they are wonderful). It is the interaction of trust and danger. To do it effectively requires insight into how the mind works, but if you get it right,  it will create incredibly intense scenes. Come explore the interplay of terror and arousal. In this class you will learn:

  • To effectively negotiate a fearplay scene
  • The basic physiology of fear
  • Foundational concepts of fearplay
  • Useful examples
  • And maybe hear a story or two

With this strong understanding, you’ll be able to create your own scenes and make your bottom (s)cream in terror.

About The Presenter

BossBoar is a polyamorous dominant who combines years as a martial artist and paramedic with a passion for mindfucks and generally terrible things. He has been described as a “hardcore sadist,” “you motherfucker,” and “oh god, please no no no!” He likes to design scenes with the intention to terrify. He draws from his professional and personal experiences to create classes that inform and entertain. He has previously presented for, West Coast Bound, Dark Odyssey: Surrender, and several Bay Area organizations, including the Society of Janus. BossBoar and his boy will be presenting at Kinkfest and Thunder in the Mountains in 2021.  

How To Join Us

It is required that you read this ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the platform and the rules.

You do not need to have attended a previous class to attend the next one, nor will you be completely lost. We strive to offer content that kinksters of every level can enjoy. You can drop in and out as long as it is done respectfully.

Our intended format is a half-hour talk, followed by fifteen-to-twenty minutes of Q&A. This event is open to everyone from everywhere, and the talk will be given in English.

Please reserve your place by selecting ‘Going!’ to the event listing on Fetlife. If you have any questions that have not been answered, please contact us via email or by messaging Nova North directly.

We look forward to seeing you!