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For the safety and privacy of our community, we are transitioning away from temporary Memberships and require that anyone who attends our dungeon parties be an INDIGEO VOLO Member.

You must be 19+ to become a Member, and will be required to present ID at your first event. You will also need to attend a mandatory Membership Orientation session before you attend our Dungeon Parties. You are also required to read and agree to our Release of Liability. After you have attended the Orientation session, you will be issues your Membership card.

All new or current Members must create an account and be logged in to purchase event tickets, or to buy/renew a Membership. Once you have registered your account, you can purchase your Membership as needed and all future tickets through our secure WooCommerce platform. All Memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

After you have registered, please check your email for a confirmation link. You MUST click the activation link to finalize your account. If you are a current Member, and were just creating your online account, you do not need to repurchase anything. If you are an expired or new Member, continue below to purchase your Membership.


We’ve re-done our entire Membership system, and now the cards will be fully digital. You’ve HOPEFULLY pre-registered for the orientation, and we’ve checked you off the list as you came in- if not, you MUST see the presenting Director after the orientation to give them your details. At the end of the orientation, you’ll get a fancy handstamp. This shows the other Directors and the DMs that you’ve attended the Orientation, and are good to go to the party and the play floor!

After each orientation, we will go through the list of everyone who attended, and generate your Membership cards, with your own scannable QR code. Please give us up to 48-72 hours to process your Membership. It will be sent to your email- please make sure you check all your inbox folders. You can save the email, download and save the Membership card pdf, and even print it out if you’d like a paper copy for your wallet.

Once you have your card, for the next event you simply show us your Membership card and ticket, we scan it, and stamp your hand! No need to re-attend the orientation unless we make enough changes in the future that we feel it merits revisiting.


step 1. register your account

step 2. choose your membership

Want to purchase via e-transfer? You can send your payment to You MUST include the following in the e-transfer message:

Your First and Last Name
Membership Type: Classic or Supporter

step 3. ATTEnd our events

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