Conception Mini-Con 2019

Black n’ Blue & Red All Over!

Conception this year will be a one day “Mini-Con” event with 4 spectacular classes and one bumpin’ party. Saturday Nov 9th is the date, at the Victoria Event Center.

Conception 2019 Kink Conference & Party. Saturday November 9th, 2019.
Conception 2019 Kink Conference & Party. Saturday November 9th, 2019. See for details.

$75 gets you in the door for the whole day and night ($70 for members). Only want to see one or two classes? You can buy them separately for $15. Regular party ticket rates will apply if you only want to attend the party. This is our biggest event of the year so don’t miss out!

You can assure your spot by buying tickets at our online store, or, if you like living on the edge you can risk buying your tickets at the door with cash, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Interac Flash.


Conception 2019 Tickets (prices listed below)
Member, Full Event Ticket (All classes plus Dungeon Party)$70
Non-Member, Full Event Ticket (All classes plus Dungeon Party)$75
Member, Party Only Ticket$20
Non-Member, Party Only Ticket$25
Individual Class Ticket$15

Want to get a membership for $15? See our membership info page.

How to Buy Tickets

  • Pre-order via our online store to secure your ticket today!
  • At the door: cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Interac Flash.
  • Memberships: Can be purchased with your ticket at the door, lasts for a year, and immediately discounts your purchase. See our membership info page for details.

Classes Overview

Redrobin will be joining us from Vancouver to teach her “Primal” class

Lady Cherish will be daring you to explore your desires with “Beyond Props: asking for the scene you REALLY want”.

Aeon_ one of our fav local needle tops will be teaching how to do “Saline Injections”

vividrabbit and Bite-Marc will be getting knotty with rope and teaching some fun and torturous “Predicament Bondage”

Full class info is below.

Other Details!

Plentiful snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day to keep your energy up.

We can’t do this without you! We will be needing volunteers for the party; set up (Saturday morning), coat check and tear down. We won’t be needing room monitors this year since we will all be in one “classroom”. If you are interested in helping out please reach out to @MsKenzington on FetLife!

Keep your eyes peeled here for updated class descriptions, scheduling, and presenter bios!


Class schedule is subject to re-ordering, so please keep your eyes peeled! Also: watch out for Events on FetLife!

9:00AMDoors Open
Class 19:15AMEmbracing Your Primal Side
RedRobin & friends
10:45AMBreak (30 min)
Class 211:15AMSaline Injections
12:45PMBreak for Lunch (45 min)
Class 31:30PM Beyond Props:
Asking for the experience you REALLY want
Lady Cherish
3:00PMBreak (30 min)
Class 43:30PMPredicament Bondage
Bite-Marc & vividrabbit
5:00PMBreak for Dinner (3 hours)
Party8:00PMRed and Black and Blue All Over!
1:00AMParty’s Over!

Presenter Bios & Class Info

Embracing Your Primal Side

Connection. Passion. Physicality. HOT!

This demonstration and participation (not required!) based workshop will focus on what it can mean to be primal, whether that involves aggression, sex, romance, serenity, or any other form of connection that keeps you present and instinctive. There will be an opportunity for hands on learning and exercises as we work on achieving, navigating, and managing different forms of primal states. This workshop can be enjoyed either by participating or by observing! If you can bring a partner that’s great, but if not we will try to find you a partner!

Redrobin is an international sex educator, intimacy and relationship coach, speaker, performer, and activist based in Vancouver, Canada. She is the author of Call Me Holly: My Years on the Pole and Polyglamorous: A Queer Mom’s Misadventures and Lessons in Non-Monogamy. Her unique background as a nurse, stripper, Pro Domme, and Vice President of Metro Vancouver Kink has fueled her passions to help normalize and explore human sexuality.

Beyond Props: asking for the experience you REALLY want

Cherish Dorrington MTC (aka Lady Cherish) is a Psychotherapist, Intimacy Coach, and Sexuality Educator, working in private practice, locally, for 2 1/2 decades. She is, also, one of the founders of Victoria’s kink scene and a two decades long contributor to the Victoria Ethical Non-Monogamy community. She’s fought hard for us to have the freedom to pursue our desire, without shame or fear.

As a therapist, Cherish specializes in human relationships, both in and out of the bedroom, “out of the box” dynamics, personal fulfillment and ownership. Personally, she has lived both ends of the kinky power dynamic spectrum and has practiced Ethical Non-Monogamy for much of the past four decades.

When it comes to relational fulfillment, Cherish really emphasizes the importance of learning how to ask for what you want, owning your desire, and creating safe spaces to be courageously vulnerable with those you’re willing to trust. “We spend far too much time and energy beating around the bush and, often, never get the adventure we truly crave.” 

Saline Injections

Bagels and doughnuts spearheaded the popularity of this body mod-turned fetish, but we won’t be talking about baked goods in this class. Saline infusion has many applications; medical play, eroticism, sexy sissy scenes, gender play, humiliation, objectification, fun and laughs, and whatever your creative imagination can dream up. Whichever way you decide to play with your bags of salty water, this class will sate your curiosity about the world of saline infusion as a temporary, kinky, body modification.

Participants should have a foundational knowledge of sharps safety and be familiar with sharps play and piercing technique.

Aeon_ identifies as a sadistic, queer, creature of the wild Pacific Northwest. She loves elegant and precise BDSM, focusing her creative talents and skills on most things sharp. A good mind fuck, getting inside your physical and mental space, and preying on primal fears is part of her fun. She values intimacy, energy exchange, mutual empowerment, and authenticity in all her interactions and relationships. Always curious and ever self-educating, her thirst for knowledge is matched with her love of educating others. Her academic and practical knowledge of forensic osteology, human anatomy and physiology fuels her passion for providing education as well as welcoming spaces in her local community for safe(er) edge play. She values commitment to community and volunteers her time moderating online sharps groups, hosting skill shares, providing intensives, and teaching at conferences. Whether it’s the wild creature smile, characteristic laughter, or both, you know you are in for a ride.

Predicament Bondage

Predicaments & Perseverance: How we keep going when everything sucks and why it’s so fun.

What could be more wonderful than to set your partner up so that they have no choices but bad choices? Predicaments create situations where the bottom is stuck on the precipice between one unpleasant option and another equally poor choice. Join us to learn how to make them happen, why you would want to and how to persevere when you find yourself stuck. Strategies and perspectives will be presented from both top and bottom perspectives.

This is a rope focused class but theories apply to all kinksters. We suspect it will be pretty amusing, even for those who don’t know the ropes.

vividrabbit is a playful and engaged rope triple threat; Vividrabbit self ties, ties on others and gets tied up. She is dedicated to ongoing learning about kink, rope and especially the communication skills needed to navigate these sometimes challenging passions. In the past year she has been grateful to have had several teaching opportunities and delighted to distill her current knowledge into the good good info for you!

Bite-Marc has been involved in the kink scene in Victoria for the last 5 years and has been tying people up that whole time. He has learned from many wonderful people at local rope events in that time, as well as myriad presenters and teachers at conferences and workshops. Bite-Marc has hosted and attended many rope dojos and skill sharing events. Though he’s an enthusiast of a wide variety of other kinky delights, rope bondage has always been a major focus.