Conception 2017 Classes & Schedule

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The Class List for 2017

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Bus Driver and Pink ~ Seattle, WA

Heavy Flogging – Deep Impact

This flogging workshop is for people who are looking to kick their impact game up a notch, and would like to learn how to really put the hurt on their play partners safely. The goals of this workshop are to show you new techniques to use with existing toys, to broaden your play repertoire and improve your style flexibility, and teach you how to transform your bottom into a quivering pile of happy goo without damaging them.

This workshop will cover a primer of basic flogging techniques, safety, and the effects of different flogger materials selections before moving into the core concepts of physiology, Kinesthesiology, and flogging scene construction; warmup, ramping, rhythm, transitions, curveballs, endgames, and aftercare. Finally, the interactive portion of this flogging workshop will show you the range of swings and footwork needed to put more leather on your victims, er bottoms, and explore different variations of swing mechanics for a range of body types.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Presentation Type: Demo
What to Bring: A working arm, an evil mind, and a sense of humor.
Requisite Skills: Know which end of a flogger to pick up. Sadism a plus.

Electrical Play – Amping Up The Sexy

If you’ve ever had the desire to turn your partner on – literally, then this is the class for you. Incorporating electrical play can be a powerful addition into your scenes, charging them full of new sensations. This workshop teaches the fundamentals of electrical play for either pleasure or pain, along with electrical play safety, and advanced techniques forgetting the most out of different kinds of play with Tens units, violet wands, elecro-stim boxes, cattle prods, and stun guns – all designed to make your bottoms twitch, and have them crawling back for more.

Successful Scene Composition – Tips, tricks, and transitions

It’s your scene. You’re in charge. So, how do you handle those uncomfortable moments where you’re not certain what to do next, but don’t want your bottom to see you sweat? How does preflighting scene composition help you to find inspiration for fantastic play? What makes for effective scene progression and ramping? Which toys or playstyles flow best from one to another? This class is aimed at giving Tops solid play theory, and delivering practical tools for creating smooth and successful scenes that will both make you look good, and have your bottoms crawling back for more.

Serving with Grace – Positions and Movement

Would you like to please your Dominant? Would you like to make your service more elegant? This class will take you through a brief history, intent and functions of leather service positions and movement. We will discuss, demonstrate, and practice a variety of different positions for many different body types and abilities, including 28 that I use and movement and transitions while serving. This class is geared toward leather service bottoms, and will not cover Gorean positions specifically.

TheFerrett ~ Rocky River, OH

Ten Perilous Poly Patterns

There’s no bad way to do polyamory – but certain relationship styles are more dangerous than others. Ferrett discusses ten common ways that polyamorous relationships hurt people, ranging from The Faked Contract Signature to Ping-Pong Poly to the Ablative Tertiary Meat-Shield.

You may recognize yourself in these patterns. Ferrett himself has been three of them, much to his chagrin.

Jealousy Is Not A Crime: Troubleshooting Broken Polyamory

If you’re dating multiple people, bumps will occur, sure as death and taxes. The question is, how do you figure out what’s wrong… and how do you repair the faults so that you emerge stronger and saner? Kinktastic writer Ferrett Steinmetz will lead a discussion about how to fight fairly, how to be respectful to all the people in your poly web, and how to create a solid set of dealbreakers.

Burninating the Peasants: Fireplay 101

A hands-on demonstration, showing how to set fire to the ones you love. Much discussion of safety. Much more pretty, pretty flames. Will include demonstrations of fire wands, flash cotton, firecupping, and, if things go drastically wrong, fire extinguishers. (Hint: Things will not go drastically wrong.)

Wet With Words: Writing Effective Erotica

Whether it’s composing the hottest of sexts or just porning up your fanfic, there is an art to getting an audience aroused with mere words. Let professional author Ferrett Steinmetz – dubbed a “ninja sexter” by his lovers – discuss the techniques involved in taking your erotic writing to the next level.

MelodyExtreme ~ Vancouver, BC

Badass Bottoming

Whether you’re brand new to bottoming, a seasoned sub, or somewhere in between, this workshop will have something for everyone! Want to learn how to negotiate hotter scenes, process pain while maximizing pleasure, and satisfy your Top’s – and your own – desires and needs? Join Melody Anne as she shares her insights from over a decade of bottoming experience in an interactive, bottom-centred exploration of what makes successful scenes. From safety and communication to sexytimes and fantasy fulfillment, come learn how to be your best possible bottom! While this class is geared towards those who identify as bottoms, submissives, slaves, masochists, or other roles that fall on the “receiving” side of most BDSM interactions, all kinksters are welcome to attend.

Orgasmic Squirting

For those of us with vaginas, the G-spot orgasm is often held up as the ultimate in sexual pleasure. However, G-spot play is just one of many possible ways to experience wet and wild orgasms! Join Melody Anne for a uniquely bottom-led live demo workshop that will cover anatomy and physiology, the science of squirting, some toys, tips and techniques, and a juicy discussion about the many ways to incorporate this delicious kind of stimulation into your sexual repertoire: from bedroom basics and the best positions to squirting up your BDSM play. This workshop is open to folks of all genders and orientations who are interested in learning how to have – or give – squirting orgasms!

Giving Sexual Service

Want to serve your Dom/me, Master, or Mistress in a way that will make their toes curl? Framing any sexual activity as an act of D/s can be a surefire way to up the erotic ante and please the One you are serving! From expert oral techniques and body worship to sexual service topping as an act of submission (which is not uncommon in D/s relationships with a switchy Dom/me!), this workshop puts the sex back in sex slave. Prepare to learn, brainstorm, and discuss, and leave the class chock-full of ideas!

Noble ~ Portland, OR

Tying for Connection

This is not a class about knots or specific rope ties; this workshop is about ways to approach rope bondage as a potential conduit for real emotional and physical connection between play partners. People new to rope bondage often get caught up in learning the necessary technical aspects of applying rope safely and securely. However, for many rope enthusiasts the deepest pleasures come from learning to concentrate on the ways both you and your partner feel as rope is applied. For Tops this can be about the way it feels to wield power as you restrain a vulnerable human being who is responding to your presence and intent. For bottoms it can be about reveling in the sensations of having rope woven around you by a partner who is focused on you and the connection between you that rope can create and enliven.

This hands-on workshop will touch on a wide variety of ways that riggers and rope bottoms can start to focus on non-verbal communication and the connections they forge with each other through rope. We’ll practice ways to physically handle the rope that allows the communication of intent and receptivity along 9 facets of interaction that color how a rope scene is experienced. The approach is useful for heightening the sense of connection in any form of rope bondage whether it’s for stringent restraint, body decoration, sensual tactile pleasure, D/s play, sexual access, or as a means of delicious torment.

Requisite Skills: None, but knowing a single-column tie is helpful
Related Items Needed: Rope: 2-3 lengths of rope 23-30’ long. A pad or blanket for the floor.
Skill Level of Class: 1. Beginner to intermediate.
Presentation Type: Demonstration and hands-on exercises

The Fudog Knot, a Marlinspike Hitch Hair Tie, and the trusty old Bowline

Extremely satisfying bondage scenes don’t require a lot of fancy knots, but sometimes having just the perfect knot at your disposal can propel a scene forward beautifully. In this workshop we’ll cover three simple knots that accomplish bondage intentions elegantly and efficiently. Noble’s Fudog Knot is an adjustable, versatile, and effective toggled hitch for up lines that releases in a flash, perfect for dynamic bondage and quickly changing ties. Then we’ll learn a quick hair tie using a peg that doesn’t loosen when it’s not under tension and tenaciously holds most hair that’s shoulder length or longer. Plus we’ll revisit the under-appreciated bowline – learn an amazingly fluid and fast way to tie this venerable knot and new ways to put it to use for rigging suspension bondage. Intermediate to advanced riggers will want these techniques in their arsenal.

Requisite Skills: None, but knowing a single-column tie is helpful
Related Items Needed: Rope: 1-2 lengths of rope 23-30’ long. A 6-8mm diameter peg that’s 8-10 cm long , if you happen to have one (the presenter will have some loaners available)
Skill Level of Class: 2-3. Advance beginner to intermediate
Presentation Type: Demonstration and hands-on

Transitions in rope bondage suspension

Transitions from one bondage pose to another body orientation while the bottom is still in the air creates dynamic motion that is captivating to watch or experience, yet challenging for both the rigger and the rope bottom. In this hands-on workshop on the fundamentals of suspension transitions, we’ll cover safety concerns, concepts for adding the needed stability in your ties, the intricacies of managing changing up-lines, and some basic and not-so-basic transitions that will add variety, rigor, beauty, and flow to your suspension bondage sessions.

NOTE: While there will only be room for 6 couples to engage in the suspension part of this class, observers are welcome. Please send an email to to reserve your space.

Requisite Skills: Please see below for both Riggers and Bottoms.
Related Items Needed: Rope: 10-12 lengths of rope 23-30’ long. Hardware and slings for setting a shibari ring or carabiners to a hardpoint. Safety cutters or shears. Water bottle. A pad or blanket for the floor.
Skill Level of Class: Advanced
Presentation Type: Hands-on

Transitions in rope bondage suspension – Requisite skills and knowledge for attendees

NOTE: This is an advanced class. Adding transitions markedly increases the difficulty and dangers of doing suspension bondage. Both riggers and bottoms must accept the added risks of injury that come with attempting this kind of advanced rigging. To reduce these risks and allow the workshop to proceed at a sufficient pace to adequately cover the material in the given time, riggers must already feel completely comfortable tying simple suspensions. There is no minimum length of time you’ve been tying or been tied to be able to attend this workshop – everyone learns and acquires these kinds of skills at different rates. However, you must be presently be doing basic suspensions proficiently and safely. There is much that can be learned just by watching the instruction and demonstrations. The instructor reserves the right to not allow any attendee to proceed with the suspension portions of the hands-on material at his discretion.

RIGGERS – Necessary skills for hands-on participation in the workshop:
Complete competency in the fundamentals of basic tying and safety.
Competency in efficiently tying solid rope-work on the body.
Knowledge and skill to tie a suspension-worthy box tie or a solid chest harness with arms excluded.
Competency in loading and tying off up-lines in static suspensions.
Enough experience with static suspensions that the rigger is not flustered when managing up-lines.
Willingness and ability toefficiently respond to difficulties the bottom experiences.
NOTE: Riggers do not need to have experience in a variety of suspension poses or have done transitions other than raising and lowering a bottom in and out of a static pose. I will be teaching those fundamental techniques and ties for transitions, that is the purpose of the class.

BOTTOMS – Necessary skills and experience for hands-on participation in the workshop:
Bottoms must know where safe rope placement is for their particular body for chest harnesses and hip harnesses.
Ability to safely sustain face-down suspension and side-suspension.
Sufficient experience with static suspensions that you know your limitations and problem areas in face-down position and side suspensions.
Experience with face-up and hip inversions a plus, but not necessary.
Ability and willingness to communicate difficulties to the rigger.

NWBloodlust ~ Tacoma, WA

The Sacred Dance: Deepening the Master/slave Relationship

The dynamic relationship between a Master and a slave is based on far more then BDSM, service, and protocols, it should also involves an utterly unique way in which two people interact with each other and to which no other relationship on earth can compare. Through the exchange and exercise of personal power, the Master and slave move in a sacred dance in concert with each other the same way that two ballroom dancers move across the floor. The class will explore how both share in equal value of personhood but there are still inherent inequalities within the dynamic (power exchange, hierarchy of needs, etc.). Just as with dancers, both must know what they are doing, both must be fit for the task. However, only one can lead and only one can follow but both in unison.

Sensation Play

Sensation play is basically the manipulation of the five senses for the erotic pleasure of those involved. Sensation play involves not just the activation of one or more of the senses through some type of stimulation (flogging, spanking, fire play, etc.) but also the deprivation of one of more of the senses. The class will also seek to move beyond the use or denial of one or more of the senses and explore how to layer a sensation play scene to add depth and dimension so as to optimize the erotic pleasure of the scene. This class is good for those just beginning to explore bdsm or those intermediate players looking to increase their experience with sensation play.

Discipline and Punishment

All too often, these terms are used as synonymous within the BDSM community when in fact they have very different meanings. Understanding the differences in these two words and knowing how to apply their meanings is essential to create a highly developed D/s dynamic. It is also important to understand how both discipline and punishment are equally necessary to develop a highly developed D/s dynamic.

The Balancing Act: Honoring the Dominant, Protecting the Submissive

It can sometimes be a delicate balancing act to establish and maintain the proper boundaries of dominance and submission within a healthy and fully functioning power exchange dynamic. The Dominant should be able to claim and celebrate the full range of authority and power that is theirs within the boundaries of a consensual power exchange with confidence and without trepidation. However, the Dominant, in order to be properly called, must recognize the absolute necessity of accepting the great deal of responsibility they must shoulder within the power exchange dynamic as well.

On the other hand, the class will also seek to guide the submissive to a place of understanding that their submission comes from a place of strength and not powerlessness or weakness. The class will deal with submission as a lifestyle choice and a true exchange of personal power and not as role play. We will discuss how to prevent abusive behavior while not rendering the Dominant impotent or allowing the submissive to “top from the bottom”.

PhoenixB ~ Seattle, WA

Artistic Cutting

This workshop will cover how to make intricate cuttings even if you have little or no artistic talent. Phoenix will discuss the safety requirements for cutting/blood play, cross contamination and blood borne pathogen prevention techniques, where to find and create detailed designs, transfer materials, types of handles and blades, shading, and tricks of the trade to do intricate cutting. This will be a hands-on class to practice the techniques learned in class, assuming we have a demo bottom. Participants will also view the video “On The Cutting Edge” which had its debut at the 2010 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, showing cutting techniques. Participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge, experience, and questions around cutting methods and other design ideas.

Beginning Play Piercing

Been afraid of needles at the doctors office, but intrigued at the same time? Or have you watched folks play with them at parties and wondered what it’s all about. This class will teach you safety, needle types, insertion technique, safe locations on the body, and ideas about the many ways to play with needles. This is a hands-on workshop so after the discussion there will be opportunity to try receiving or inserting play piercing needles.

Suturing for Fun & Pleasure

Suturing can range from closing an open wound, to superficial ties to hold decorations like beads, weights, feathers, or whatever your imagination can come up with! This class will demonstrate the methods of suturing, tying a surgical knot, types of suture and needles, suture placement, and decorative options. Participants will have the opportunity to perform suturing (if there is a volunteer bottom available).


Ronnie ~ Seattle, WA

Playing with partial suspension

Partial suspension is one of the most versatile types of rope play. It offers the best of two worlds between floor rope and full suspension. It could be simply beautiful and sustainable, or painful and challenging. It allows the top to manipulate the bottom’s body in ways that would be very difficult when their weight is fully on or off the floor. It also, allows for great emotional or sensual connection between play partners.

This class starts by covering the essential knowledge and skills required to do partial suspension. Then it moves into how to get the most out of it during play. We will discuss the aspects of play that are unique to partial suspension. We will cover areas such as safe and efficient up-lines, body mechanics and manipulation, predicaments, and shaping the body based on the intention behind play.

NOTE: While there will only be room for 6 couples to engage in the suspension part of this class, observers are welcome. Please send an email to to reserve your space.

Requisite Skills: TBA
Related Items Needed: TBA
Skill Level of Class: Intermediate
Presentation Type: Demonstration and Hands-on

Tying the limbs

Very few things communicate to the bottom that they are tied up like having their arms or legs immobilized. Tying the limbs takes a lot of control away from the bottom and gives it to the top.
In this class, we will go over the safety aspects of tying the limbs. We will cover restricting, and sometimes painful, ties for the legs, arms, and hands.

Requisite Skills: TBA
Related Items Needed: TBA
Skill Level of Class: Intermediate
Presentation Type: Demonstration and Hands-on

TK Variations

The TK is a fundamental tie in Japanese rope bondage. However, there are many versions of it out there.
We will cover some variations of the 2-rope and 3-rope TK. We will discuss how some TKs address common functions of the tie in different ways. We will examine how each variation behaves differently, and look at some TKs that combine characteristics from multiple variations.
To get the most out of this class, attendees should be familiar with, at least, one 2-rope TK.

Requisite Skills: TBA
Related Items Needed: TBA
Skill Level of Class: Intermediate
Presentation Type: Demonstration and Hands-on