Conception 2018: Schedule and Classes

Click here to download the Conception 2018 Program (About 5.3MB) – Please note MacDaddy’s classes have been canceled and the replacements are listed below and on signs by the classrooms.


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Friday, November 16th, 2018
6:30PM – 8:00PM
@ Victoria Event Centre
Early Registration and Reception @ VEC
8:00PM – 1:00AM
@ Victoria Event Centre
Friday Night Dungeon Party @ VEC
Saturday, November 17th, 2018
@ Fisgard Street Forum Track A – Studio Track B – Plum Room Track C – Pillar Room
The Sweat and Blood The Roughed and Tied The Heart and Soul
8:30AM – 9:00AM Registration
9:00AM – 10:20AM
CHANGED: Futomomos for Partial Suspensions
10:30AM – 11:50AM
CHANGED: The Art & Science of Fire Wands
11:50AM – 1:10PM Lunch Break
1:10PM – 2:30PM
2:40PM – 4:00PM
4:10PM – 5:30PM
8:00PM – 1:00AM
@ Victoria Event Centre
Saturday Night Dungeon Party @ VEC
Sunday, November 18th, 2018
@ Fisgard Street Forum Track A – Studio Track B – Plum Room Track C – Pillar Room
The Sweat and Blood The Roughed and Tied The Heart and Soul
8:30AM – 9:00AM Doors Re-Open
9:00AM – 10:20AM
10:30AM – 11:50AM
11:50AM – 1:10PM Lunch Break
1:10PM – 2:30PM
2:40PM – 4:00PM
Conception 2018 ~ Schedule Subject to Change
For the most up-to-date schedule, please check your program or


Please note that you aren’t tied to any particular track and can take any classes you want (but please don’t rupture the time-space continuum by being in two classes at once)

In alphabetical order

CANCELLED: The Art of Exciting Role Playing

Presented by: MacDaddy

All Levels

Role-playing is meant to add spice and excitement to our sexual encounters, yet it takes creativity, playfulness and an ability to act to pull it off well. I will give a basic way to build a role-playing scene that fits you and your partner/partners.

We will actually build some scenes in the class after I give you some examples of ways to play with role-playing.

This is a way to bring your wildest fantasies to life. Make your own erotic movie so to say and you get to have full creative freedom and then direct it. You can become anything. A priest, a clown, a farmer, a librarian. Part of the fun of role-playing is that there are few limitations to what you can create with a willing partner/partners

Bad Witches

Presented by: Tillie & Adèle

All Levels

Using techniques and theories from neo-pagan practice to enhance mindsets and emotional resonance during scenes, especially in D/s dynamics.

Communication and Problem Solving in Alternative Relationships

Presented by: RedRobin

All Levels

Relationships are hard enough! Introduce BDSM or ethical non-monogamy and you add some very particular dynamics and the unique problems that may come along with it! Join RedRobin for this discussion-based workshop, where we will explore various alternative relationships such as polyamorous or Dominant/submissive dynamics and how their communication needs differ from “muggle” relationships. We’ll discuss some styles of processing, support systems, and ways to work through issues with yourself as well as with others.

Dildos to Dicks: A User’s Guide from a Queer Woman’s Perspective

Presented by: RedRobin

All Levels

Whether it’s a dildo, a toy or biological,, this class will be exploring the many ways to get the most out of your member! Regardless of gender, sexual orientation or role, this kind of play can be pleasurable for everyone involved! What you can expect to be covered:

  • Cleanliness, STIs and care
  • Different shapes, sizes and styles of dicks and what we get out of them
  • Different harness styles (leather, rope, thighs and more!)
  • Fucking all manner of holes (including faces!)

CANCELLED: Discipline ~ the Martial Arts way of training a submissive

Presented by: MacDaddy


Learn from the ground up, the martial arts way. You come in as a white belt, a blank slate and learn the basics.
In the martial arts, there is extreme loyalty to one’s teachers and dojo. How is that created? Through immersion into the code of Bushido, the way of the warrior. I will walk you through some of the philosophy of the code of Bushido and the building of a loyal warrior and how that easily translates into BDSM or D/S relationships.

Edge Play Inferno: Cupping for Blood

Presented by: Aeon_

All Levels; some familiarity with cupping and/or blood and/or fire recommended

Fire cupping can be both sensual and sadistic. Where can your imagination lead you once you’ve mastered this intensely elemental practice? Why not take a walk on the edge and draw some blood into those cups? Fire and fluid come together in a class not designed for the squeamish. A brief overview of safety practices in both general fire play, as well as blood play, will give you the platform to confidently jump into the realm of blood cupping. We will explore the emotional and psychological significance of both fire and blood, different methods of sanguine extraction, and then we will get messy.

Embracing Your Primal Side

Presented by: RedRobin

All Levels

Connection. Passion. Physicality. HOT!

This demonstration and participation (not required!) based workshop will focus on what it can mean to be primal, whether that involves aggression, sex, romance, serenity, or any other form of connection that keeps you present and instinctive. There will be the opportunity for hands-on learning and exercises as we work on achieving, navigating, and managing different forms of primal states. You can choose to observe if you can bring a partner that’s great, or we will try to find you a partner!

Empty Collar – D/s breakups from a submissive perspective –

Presented by: Tillie

All Levels

Breakups suck, and D/s breakups can be especially devastating. This workshop explores the aspects of world-building and narrative that can occur within D/s dynamics and explores ways we can heal from the ending of a relationship.

Organizer’s note: Tissues will be provided, or bring a hankercheif; this one can get emotional.

Fondling, Fingering, and Fisting

Presented by: RedRobin

All Levels

Don’t be afraid of the word ‘fisting’ – it doesn’t have to be scary… Come join us for a demonstration based workshop on using your hands – whether part of your hand or the whole hand, to please all manner of holes. We’re going to debunk myths, get nerdy about the human body, and share some sexy tips and tricks! This workshop is for all bodies, genders and orientations! Let’s explore and help you and your partner(s) get the most out of their experience!

CANCELLED: How to Train Her Pussy

Presented by: MacDaddy

All Levels

Would you like to train the pussies in your life to cum on command? To respond when you say certain things or give a certain look, snap a finger? This class is about conditioning a person to erotically respond to certain things in the way you want them to. I will demo many ways to train a sexual partner with and without bdsm involved to respond in the way you desire. You will have a time to practice some of these techniques so bringing a sexual partner would be great. If you cannot bring a sexual partner you are still welcome and may observe that part of the class.

I Want what I Feel

Presented by: Erios & Adèle

All Levels

Many of us cite energy exchange and connection as the forces that define and underpin our fetishes. We’re drawn to specific types of play, but many of us are seeking deeper, abstract emotional results (such as fear, defilement, reverence, etc.) from our scenes and dynamics.

This workshop will explore how to satisfy underlying emotional desires through different types of play (impact, sexual, fear, etc.) and power exchanges (from pick-up play to long-term D/s), while mediating trauma reactions and triggers. You can expect to re-evaluate the way you negotiate a scene, to review some basic impact play techniques, and to dive into the depths of your kinky desires through theory, demos, independent worksheets, and optional partner activities.

Erios and Adèle will be drawing on examples from their Daddy-babygirl D/s relationship.

Leather Play (Two part class)

Presented by: Tillie and Erios

All Levels

Part 1 ~ Power Within Bootblacking

Let’s talk about why and how bootblacking can be fucked up, sexy, practical, and full of power exchange! Part one of this two-part workshop is not your average technical bootblack breakdown. Instead, we will show you how to incorporated leather loving into different kinds of scenes and service dynamics, and breaking down why leather, fear, care, service, and looking sexy are hot as fuck. Expect demonstrations on bottoming or topping in bootblacking, and to leave with ideas on how to future incorporate leather care into D/s, service, impact play, or sexual scenes. Come back for part two for leather care know-how.

Part 2 ~ Knowledge Within Bootblacking

Part two of Leather Play aims to be the least confusing technical breakdown of bootblacking knowledge out there. There’s a lot to know and we want to leave you with a few simple yet crucial leather care techniques:

  1. How to recognize leather types (from the best oil tan to patent imposters)
  2. What kinds of care products to use (and what to avoid)
  3. When and how to clean, oil, and shine leather

You can expect a worksheet of useful product information as well as lots of physical examples of leather passed around. Please bring some leather you’d like to work on and feel free to borrow our kits and ask us questions.

For Part 2, please bring:

  • A pair of boots or leather to assess
  • A small bootblack kit (if you have one) including:
  • Saddle soap
  • A small dauber brush
  • Rags or hand-towels that can get stained
  • A container for water
  • Black wax polish
  • Pantyhose or tights
  • A shoeshine brush

A limited supply of saddle soap and black wax polish will be available for use. To save costs consider partnering with a friend on supplies.

Living on the Edge ~ Exploring Edge Play

Presented by: BusDriver & Pink


“Edge play” is a subjective term in our BDSM communities. In this class we’ll explore the theory and practice of edge play, and look into the psychological aspects of using it inside a scene. We’ll cover some of the activities that may be included under this umbrella, and delve into some ways of incorporating them into your play. These activities are generally regarded as risky or dangerous, thrilling both psychologically and/or physically. This is an advanced class, so get ready to hone your brain on the edge!

Microbondage: Tying Fingers, Toes, and Faces

Presented by: Anoxia & JuniperJute

Beginners/Intermediate rope skills

Tying delicate structures can require a delicate touch, but there are few things as satisfying. We’ll cover the basics on how to tie fingers and toes to avoid injury, and teach a collection of the best structured micro-bondage ties we’ve picked up from all over. This class is a lecture, demo, and tying.

CANCELLED: Navigating Transgender or Gender Queer, Fluid & Cis-Gender Relationships

Presented by: MacDaddy

All Levels

Relationships are always challenging and when one of the people involved in transgender, gender queer or fluid it adds more challenges in to the mix. We will talk about what makes those relationships unique and how to navigate that. Things that might be a turn off to transgender, gender queer and fluid people and will will also talk about what is usually a turn on to those of us in those demographics. The do’s and don’ts of how to talk to others in your life about said relationship and how to negotiate play and sex with an out of the box gender person. We will do some interactive role playing to help people walk through these sometimes difficult conversations.

On Point: New to Needles

Presented by: Aeon_


Learn the basics of needle play! Needles are enticing and intriguing to most in a playfully fearful way. They can evoke vast array feelings and reactions from both the piercer and the pierced. Their applications can range from the artistic to the sadistic, or any creative combination in between. Whatever your motivation may be for entering into this particular type of play this class will briefly touch on best safety practices while introducing you to play piercing technique.

Painful Rope

Presented by: Anoxia & JuniperJute

Beginner/Intermediate rope skills

Rope can be a sadist’s best friend. From quick and easy painful ties to slow and deliberate torture, this class will cover some basic ties for inflicting pain on your partner, and some of the safety risks associated with this style of tying. We’ll discuss different kinds of pain, from the skin to muscle to bone, and will also discuss pain processing, from a bottoming perspective, and how to stay safe while suffering. This class is a lecture, demo, and hands-on tying.

Perspectives from the bottom: Processing and Care

Presented by: Pink & BusDriver

All Levels

How do you provide and take aftercare as a Top? What kind of aftercare do you provide and need as a bottom? We will cover such things as identifying style and needs of pre-care and aftercare in ourselves and in our partners, negotiation when it comes to pre-care and aftercare, how to put together a self-aftercare bag, and working with your Top or bottom to wrap up the scene in the best way possible. We’ll also take some time to explore the body and mind response to pain, and what you can do to process it before, during and after a scene. How do you identify your pain preferences? How do you find new ways to process the myriad sensations of pain and pleasure during a scene? We will look at learning to process pain in ways that can enrich the scene experience for both the top and the bottom. Come ready to discuss and explore.

Playing Rough: Whoops! I left the toy bag at home!

Presented by: Dani & Megan

All levels

Note: Attendees will need a piece of 20’-30’ 4-6mm rope, mats are provided

Rough body play is a very versatile and popular play style. It can be combined with other play styles like bondage, impact, and sex, or it could be used all on it’s own. We cover techniques and safety aspects of many rough body play elements such as bottoming to rough body play, effective body manipulation, biting, choking and neck handling, pressure points, and rope capturing techniques.

Rope Bottoming: A Skills Approach (two part class)

Presented by: KinkRx: Dani, JuniperJute, & Megan

All Levels

Note: Bottoms should attend with a demo top that can tie a single column, a slipped single column and a chest harness.

Part 1. Own Your Play Experience

This class is on a mission to empower bottoms everywhere. It covers negotiating from the bottom and the essential pieces for pick-up play. We discuss strategies for communicating before, during, and after play and spend time learning more about how our partners communicate. Bottoms will walk away with the knowledge of how to get more of what they want.

Part 2. Know Your Body. Know Their Gear.

In Know Your Body, Know Your Gear we cover the head-to-toe of body awareness and how to assess the point your are tied to. You will learn how to identify a myriad of sensations, triage them, and respond accordingly. We will empower you with what you need to know to identify and assess popular ties, evaluate a hard point, and gain a deeper understanding of your own anatomy in rope and after play.

Rope Handling

Presented by: Anoxia & JuniperJute

Intermediate/Advanced rope skills required

Often when people get started with rope, the first thing they focus on learning are knots and patterns. While these are really good fundamentals to get you started, these skills often don’t translate into making good scenes or good performances. This class will cover some of the basics of great rope handling, and will focus on two primary parts: the biomechanics of rope handling, and the techniques that usually equate to better connection. This class is lecture, demo, and hands-on tying.

Rough Play: High and Low Energy

Presented by: RedRobin

All Levels

This demonstration based workshop is for those that love to use their body, get down to basics and connect with their partner directly through physical contact. You can expect to go over how and where to slap, punch, and kick someone, where and how to apply pressure points, how to use your knees and elbows, and more! We’ll cover topics such as injuries, chronic pain, disability, pregnancy, etc. as well as how to possibly work with/around those issues. Bottoms are welcome, but I hold no responsibility if they use what they learn on you!

Staying Safe in Suspension: Dealing with nerves, in-cene communication, and striving towards bottom-minded rope

Presented by: Anoxia & JuniperJute

Advanced rope skills required

This class requires suspension skills as a prerequisite and takes tying pairs through a transition sequence that requires active communication from both partners. We will also cover common suspension nerve injuries, things to look for as a top and bottom while tying for longer more sustainable and transition-able ties, and how to move towards equity in the dynamic between top and bottom while tying.

Organizer’s Note: this class is intended to fit well with the two-part “Rope Bottoming: A Skills Approach” class even though they’re led by different presenters. Please consider attending all three!

Successful Scene Composition: Tips, tricks, and transitions

Presented by: Pink & BusDriver

All Levels

It’s your scene. You’re in charge. So, how do you handle those uncomfortable moments where you’re not certain what to do next, but don’t want your bottom to see you sweat? How does preflighting scene composition help you to find inspiration for fantastic play? What makes for effective scene progression and ramping? Which toys or playstyles flow best from one to another? This class is aimed at giving Tops solid play theory, and delivering practical tools for creating smooth and successful scenes that will both make you look good, and have your bottoms crawling back for more.

The Towel & The Stick: Fundamentals of impact play

Presented by: KinkRx: Dani & Megan

All Levels; No prerequisites!

Impact play is one of the most popular BDSM activities. It’s enjoyable when it’s light and easy, painful and challenging, or anything in between. Come join us for this hands-on workshop that teaches the fundamental hard and soft skills of impact play. Limited materials provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. The skills you will learn will translate to virtually any impact toy, using only 2 tools. We will cover where to hit and how. We will also cover the anatomy of an impact scene and the techniques you need to modulate intensity in a scene.

Whip Throwing: Establishing Connection and Energy

Presented by: BusDriver & Pink

All Levels; whip experience or interest recommended

Let’s go beyond the basics. You can learn the physical how-to on whip throwing in many places, but what goes into a scene beyond that? Whip throwing can become so much more when an energetic connection is added to it. In this class, BusDriver and his girl Pink will guide you through establishing and maintaining the connection, from the moment the Top picks up the whip, until the scene comes to its logical conclusion. This class will demo and describe ways to keep both the energy of the scene and the energy between the partners engaged and active.


In alphabetical order


Adèle is a queer white femme settler, writer, editor, and instructor. She is a sweet switchy babygirl, fierce feral Femme Daddy, and keen emotional empath. Adèle is the author of the award-winning poetry collection If I Were in a Cage I’d Reach Out for You. She teaches university writing courses and leads poetry workshops and mentorships in her communities. She is driven by intensity and deep emotions and the urge to articulate these desires in writing and kink. Follow her on Twitter: @AdeleVBarclay or check out her website at


Aeon is active and involved in the kink community on a local and global scale. She hosts monthly sharps gatherings through her Garden City Needle and Sharps Forum, is an educator in needle play, and is a group leader for LOBAN. Aeon has an academic background in forensic osteology and human anatomy/physiology, as well as practical experience in autopsy, wet and dry maceration, and gross dissection. These theoretical and practical experiences ensure that her kink is precise and painful. When she’s not spending time dreaming up sadistic situations for deserving and consenting humans she enjoys the sand, surf, and forest.


Anoxia is a switch and sadist who enjoys tying as a form of expression, connection, and spirituality. They teach with Full Circle Kink, are a frequent contributor to Seattle’s growing femme-led rope community spaces, and are an obsessive student that loves to deconstruct and synthesize knowledge from an abundance of sources. In their rope practice, they emphasize bottoming education and explore the psychological effects of bondage and pain.

BusDriver & Pink

BusDriver & Pink are a married Leather M/s couple and the 2011 Northwest Master/slave titleholders with over 25 years combined experience in kink as public players in the BSDM community and performing arts. Together they present workshops from both Top and bottom perspectives with a pro-consent, sustainable, and healthy BDSM agenda. In addition to teaching and performing at many public BSDM engagements and community events, they have presented popular workshops and panels at several venues including Shibaricon, NWLC, Folsom Fringe, SELF, Dark Odyssey, Westcoat Bound, Winter Wickedness, and – yes! – even our very own Conception!


Dani (KinkRx) is a mindful, introspective switch. She is queer, non-monogamous, achieves a great degree of connection with her play partners, and dedicates a lot of time to research and practice. She is a dominant sadist who enjoys topping impact, rough body play, blood play, and classical conditioning. When she bottoms, she prefers heavy impact, torture, and knife play.


Erios is a young, butch leatherdyke, white settler, and full-time leatherworker. They are a top-heavy sexual sadist, a leather pervert, and a community-driven bootblack with a particular inclination towards fucked up power dynamics, chosen support networks, and sharp things. Erios has six years of play knowledge from bi-coastal kink communities and two years of bootblacking / leatherwork immersion. They currently run BoundAries Leather out of East Side ReRides; find their work at and find them on FetLife as Erios. Follow them for bootblacking events, leather tips, and generally nerdiness.


JuniperJute (KinkRx) is a bratty switch that is passionate about the power of play. Innovative, arch, and curious, they are often found self-suspending and bottoming to sadists with cheery laughs. They enjoy exploring the meditative dance of rope and teaching content that empowers bottoms to own their play.


In MacDaddy’s own words:

I am a civil rights, trans, sex positive activist, kind-hearted, with a kinky side who loves feminine energy and understands that can come in various forms, and am a huge ROMANTIC! In fact I call myself a HOPEFULL ROMANTIC. I am a rare trans person that is in touch and in tune with my body which most likely comes from being an athlete and my body working very well for me. I love a good party but have the philosophy that I don’t wait on anyone else to create the party. I am the party!

A lifetime martial artist, trainer/teacher/coach. I love to help others gain confidence and feel good in their bodies. I believe in positive vibrational energy and connections. I am a chi-master who loves to laugh, sing, dance and enjoys live entertainment. Music speaks to my soul. I am polyamorous and believe you can love more than one person with great communication. I have another partner who is not on FL due to her career. I am well traveled and enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures a great deal.

I believe in doing all that I can to help create a sex positive culture. I am a sex and gender educator, speaker, and activist.


Megan (KinkRx) is a queer, femme, polyamorous switch with over a decade of mistakes…er lessons, under her belt. She tops humiliation, D/s, dinosaur training, rope and really anything that can make you scream. She bottoms for rope, snuggles and trampling. While constantly searching for the next neat trick to bring her own play up to the next level, Megan loves finding the emotional and technical core of each kink and sharing that through her teaching.


RedRobin is a presenter of alternative sexuality and identifies as a queer genderfluid polyamorous switch. She’s been involved in kink for over nine years and has been teaching for over two. She is Vice President of Metro Vancouver Kink and organizer of a Queer and Trans event called The Rainbow Connection. Her background in nursing has fueled her passion for the human body and mind. She favours rough body play, knifes, needles and just about anything that involves growling or giggling!

Tillie King

Tillie King has been practicing BDSM for over 20 years. She is a white settler, fat, femme, feral leather queer who enjoys getting into the ‘why’ of kink. Power-driven with a service orientation, bootblacking is a way to care for her community, connect with people and get dirty while making the world shinier. Her passions for blood, leather, and sex are balanced with hand-embroidery, baking cookies, and consuming speculative fiction. She has presented along the West Coast, organized workshops, judged at IMsL and WCBB, and been a dungeon monitor.