Volunteering rocks!

Indigeo events are entirely volunteer run!

If you are interested in volunteering contact MsKenzington, Indigeo’s Volunteer Coordinator.

One hour of volunteering of front of house, set up, or take down gets you a voucher. Vouchers can be redeemed for a $5 discount on tickets/memberships/etc, or if you have collected four, a party ticket (regardless of if you’re a Member or Non-Member).

Plus you get the warm fuzzy feeling of having made the magic happen! đŸ˜‰


Indigeo has it’s own dungeon equipment, purchased on behalf of our members. Funding is entirely through donations, membership fees, and event ticket sales. We need help setting this up and taking it down at our play parties and events.

Set up:

Set up for the parties happens the day of, usually at 5PM for our VEC venue. The duration of set up varies as well but usually about an hour. To help set up you must be able to carry equipment from the on-site storage up the Victoria Event Center back stairs. You will help arrange and put together the equipment where it needs to go on the play floor. All of this is supervised by experienced volunteers, so don’t be afraid to get your feet wet!

Tear down:

Tear down starts at 1:00AM at the end of the party. This includes dismantling the equipment and taking it down the stairs. The slower you go the longer it will take… it’s not rocket science ;).

We need about five volunteers for efficient set up and tear down. However, we’re not going to turn folks away if there’s more helping hands. Shifts are set up by Indigeo’s Volunteer Coordinator (see top of page).

Front of House:

Each shift lasts for one hour and there are two people on shift at a time: coat check and payments. Please let the Volunteer Coordinator know what you would prefer to do (although we can’t promise you’ll get that), and at what time (again, they try their best).

Coat Check

Coat Check is checking in coats and checking out people ;P — just kidding; responsibilities are:

  • Checking in and retrieving coats (and depending on the venue, bags)
  • Greeting our guests and helping them find their way into the venue.
  • Making sure nobody takes the tips from your tip jar, which you get to split with the payments person at the end of your shift (suggested donation of $2).
  • Hand out signalling wristbands (green = “I’d love to play, please ask”, yellow = “I’d maybe like to play, please ask”, red = “I’m not interested in playing, please don’t ask”)


Once you’re a trusted volunteer we’ll invite you to process payments for arriving guests. We accept cash and certain cards via the Square system point-of-sale.

Responsibilities include:

  • Accepting payment, which requires the familiarity of using a tablet, and making change. Don’t worry, we have printed instructions to help you out!
  • Checking ID to enforce our 19+ policy.
  • Checking our membership list and offering to sell new memberships.
  • Being a courteous greeter, even under the stress of a long line-up.
  • Answering any quick questions guests may have, helping them find their way into our venue
  • Being familiar with our dungeon rules.

General notes about Front of House:

Only the volunteers working their shift in the Front of House area are permitted there. The Volunteer Coordinator, or the Board’s Secretary, may be there to help train volunteers.

When volunteering in Front of House you are by no means restricted to that space. If you feel uncomfortable (with a guest, another volunteer, anything!), or are unsure of what to do in a situation please find an Indigeo director or coordinator and we will do our best to help. We will check in once and a while; however, there are only a few of us and many things to attend to during the evening. If you need to use the bathroom, go! Need to grab a drink or snack, go! Or better yet do that stuff before your shift. But the bottom line is that if you are feeling uncomfortable, there are resources available to help you. All that being said please don’t leave just because you feel bored and PLEASE arrive on time! You have signed up for a volunteer shift, Indigeo could not run without volunteers!


Snacks are provided at the Victoria Event Center primarily for people coming off of the Play Floor. If you have particular dietary requirements, you are more than welcome to bring your own food. If you are interested in volunteering to prepare and/or manage the food (meaning putting more out as items run out) please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.