FAQ About Indigeo Events

What to wear!

As little or as much of whatever you want. There is no dress code for Indigeo Dungeon Parties; no one is required to wear Fetish gear or revealing clothing. If you want to, then go for it! But if you want to show up in your PJs then rock that onesie! Even changing mid party is absolutely ok.

Appropriate behaviour


Although Indigeo has rules posted by the dungeon floor, THESE are the house rules at every Indigeo event. Agreeing to these rules is mandatory for temporary membership and entry to the event.

  1. I will ask for explicit consent before touching anyone or their possessions.
  2. I will not interrupt scenes, even if they appear to be done, or join scenes unless I have been explicitly invited to join before the scene started.
  3. I will report any violations of these rules to a DM or a board member immediately.

Failure to follow rules 1 and 2, when pointed out to you by a DM or Board member, can lead to your removal from the event and possible banning from future events.

Everyone attending an Indigeo party must be 19 years of age and sign a Release of Liability Waiver before entrance to the event.

Please Note:

Indigeo munches and events are

Scent-free spaces!!!

Please leave your colognes, perfumes, eau d’ toilettes, and heavily scented skin lotions at home for the night!



get a reduced rate for our all of our parties; the regular monthly ones and the weekend conference. Members also get

  • 15% off at Susan James (942 Hillside Ave., Victoria)
  • 10% off at The Garden of Eden (1483 Douglas St, Victoria)
  • 15% off at the Romance Shop, and
  • 15% off at Deadly Couture in Vancouver.

Tickets for all of our events can be found at our weekly munches (cash, Visa or MasterCard) or via e-transfer (please contact us at indigeovictoria@gmail.com).

For Members to receive any discounts, you must present your “Membership” card at time of purchase. Discounts are not transferable to other people, meaning that you if you have a Membership and your friend/partner does not you may only purchase your ticket at the discounted rate.

To purchase a Membership contact Kat-itude at, indigeovictoria@gmail.com, or pay with cash or credit card at one of our weekly munches or at our monthly party. They cost $15 and are valid for one full year from the date of purchase.


sadly do not get discounts; however, look at our VOLUNTEERING page for a great way to score FREE TICKETS to our parties.


is provided at the Victoria Event Center primarily for people coming off of the Play Floor. If you have particular dietary requirements, you are more than welcome to bring your own food. If you are interested in helping to prepare and/or manage the food (meaning putting more out as items run out) please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Indigeo Funding

Indigeo Volo Adult Alternative Society is a registered non-profit. All the money raised from tickets sales (be they workshops, parties, whatever) or donations goes directly to the cost of running future events.

If you would like to make a donation to Indigeo, please contact our Treasurer,Grubbie.

Indigeo is entirely volunteer run. The Board is only paid in the smiles on our guests faces, in “Thank-You’s”, and in the knowledge that we provide a safer space for people to learn, express and indulge in their Kinks.

From The Indigeo Board of Directors & Coordinators, a most sincere thank-you.

MrFirecracker – President (Ian)

Mischief13 – Secretary (Mark)
Grubbie – Treasurer (John)

aediym –  Member at Large (Jeremy)
WickedWitted – Volunteer Coordinator (Cindy)