Indigeo Memberships

Support YOUR society today!!!!

As a registered non-profit organization, we rely on our Members to support the excellent educational and event opportunities that we offer on a monthly basis. Indigeo is 100% volunteer driven by people who want to share their talents and provide a place that’s always inclusive and welcoming. We rely on YOU to step up and provide leadership for the organization, direction on our future, and accountability for our work. Without you, we don’t exist. Buying a membership means having a clear say, and vote, in this democratically run organization.

And of course, the benefits of Membership continue to grow! We currently have many people who are taking advantage of:

  • discounts on every monthly party that Indigeo holds ($50 savings)
  • discount on Indigeo July Mini-Con Summer Celebration ($10 savings)
  • discounts on Conception full weekend passes each year ($25 savings)

As well as reciprocal agreements with MVK, CSPC, BSPC, & PLA!

  • MVK member rates at all monthly Metro Vancouver Kink (MVK) parties
  • MVK member rates at Westcoast Bound Kink Conference every February in Vancouver
  • CSPC member rates at all parties hosted by the Centre for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, WA
  • BSPC member rates at all parties hosted by the Bellingham Sex Positive Centre
  • PLA member rates at all parties hosted by Portland Leather Alliance AND $25 discount for KinkFest in Portland, OR

And exceptional savings are THREE tantalizing stores!

And we’re always adding more benefits!

Watch your feed for the amazing news!!!

If you haven’t been down to the shops before, be sure to say hi to Ms_Kenzington at the Garden of Eden, the lovely ladies at Susan James, or Jocelyn at the Romance Shop. All have an amazing collection of corsetry, lingerie, and toys galore to tickle your fancy!

And you know how easy it is to sign up for or renew your Membership: just drop us a line at We’ll send you the application form!

Memberships are $15

Pay $35 for your first party ticket (Membership actual cost $15, at any time during the year) and get  over $130 year in savings!!!

We can arrange for payment in cash, Interac e-fund transfer, or credit card…and you save throughout the year!!!¬†Drop us a note today!