Dungeon Floor Rules

The following rules are posted at every Indigeo event. They will be enforced. If you do not follow these rules, you may be asked to leave by the DM’s. These are in place to help ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.


DM decisions are final. The Victoria Dungeon Monitor Team are responsible for ensuring compliance with these policies and maintaining an enjoyable environment for all. If you dispute the requests of a Monitor, discontinue the action in question and discuss it calmly. If you wish, you may appeal the matter to the Head DM. The Head DM’s decisions are final and will be fully supported by Event Management. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in your removal from the dungeon by the Dungeon Monitor Coordinator.

Anyone entering the event at any time must be at least 19 years old & present valid ID.

NO means NO! BDSM only involves consensual acts.

SAFEWORD: The Event safeword is “SAFEWORD”.


Open flames of any kind are not permitted.

Nothing is to be attached to the walls or ceilings.

No alcohol is permitted On the play Floor. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL, PERIOD. Alcohol purchased at the bar may only be consumed in designated Social areas. Anyone deemed to be unduly under the influence MAY be denied admittance, instructed to cease play, or asked to leave the event, based on the discretion of the DM Coordinators. The DM’s decisions are final.

CELL PHONES & RECORDING DEVICES: Recording images and sound is not permitted in the dungeon. Cell phones, cameras, laptops, and other electronic devices which may have recording capabilities are prohibited. If you need to use your cell phone, please take it outside the venue. Cell phones are to be silenced and pocketed before entering the event. There will be NO CELL PHONE USEinside the event space. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

NON-PERMITTED PLAY SCENES: All SM play must take place in the dungeon. Rope corsets or attire are acceptable in social areas as long as hands are free. Tops are responsible for monitoring bottoms. Breath play, vomit play, watersports, scat play (including anal strap-on play), play rape, face-punching, golden showers or cocktails, and adult baby play/infantilism will not be allowed. NO solo play permitted. BDSM involves two or more people–scenes of self-masturbation, auto-asphyxiation, whip cracking, and individual stunting will be stopped. Please do not leave bottoms unattended in the dungeon.

RESTRICTED PLAY ITEMS: Firearms, real or replica are NOT permitted on the premises. Stun guns and Taser guns are NOT permitted on the premises. Irritants, such as Mace, Bear Spray, or Pepper Spray are NOT allowed on the premises.

SEXUAL ACTS RESTRICTIONS: Sex is NOT permitted anywhere on site during the event. Sex is defined as genital/genital, genital/oral, genital/anal, oral/anal contact. Penetration with toys or fingers is permitted on the Play Floor ONLY.

NEEDLE PLAY RESTRICTIONS: All play involving needles will be done in designated areas ONLY. Please use the sanitation and disposal boxes provided.

NO Blood Play allowed, which is defined as the purposeful creation and use of blood in a scene. If blood is incidental to the play itself, i.e. blood from needles, knife play, etc, such play is allowed. The primary concern is to ensure that blood is not becoming airborne or splattering. Blood must be contained for bio safety. Please use a drop cloth during play and speak with a DM if you believe that your play will create more than a trifling amount of blood.

GAGGING: If a gag is used during a play scene, a visual safeword must be established with the DM BEFORE play starts.

ELECTRICAL PLAY: No cross-chest or above-the-neck electrical play is permitted. High impact devices, such as cattle prods or shock boxes are NOT permitted.

Take down and Extreme edge play scenes MUST be pre-negotiated with the DM BEFORE play starts. The DM must be aware of all participants in the scene. All un-negotiated scenes will be stopped immediately.

EQUIPMENT USE & CARE: If you see a mess or spill in the designated play area (the dungeon), alert a Dungeon Monitor (DM) for clean up. If you are unsure how to use a piece of equipment or how the dungeon works, ask for assistance from a DM. Do not move any equipment without first asking a DM. Some pieces can be moved, so please ask if you need something moved for your scene. Clean equipment after use with provided cleaner/disinfectant wipes. Only one wipe is required, let sit one minute, and then wipe with a paper towel to dry.

RESPECT SCENES IN PROGRESS: Everyone has the right to enjoy their time in the dungeon space. Please do not disturb others with overly loud noises from your scene. Do not touch a person engaged in a scene or enter a scene in progress without the express permission of the participants. Do not carry on conversations or ask questions of people involved in scenes. Do not encroach on scenes: give players space to play. People causing an unnecessary disturbance on the dungeon floor may be asked to leave the area by the DM.

DON’T INTERVENE. If you see something going on that disturbs you, do not intervene. Bring the matter to the attention of a Dungeon Monitor.

REPORT ALL INJURIES AND EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS immediately to a Dungeon Monitor. Anyone requiring First Aid should immediately see a DM.

If you have any questions while at an Indigeo event, please ask an Event Staff member (wearing a badge) or a DM team member (wearing a red sash).

Thank you from all of us at Indigeo!