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Indigeo Volo Adult Alternative Society, Victoria BC, Canada

indigeo victoria adult alternative society

“I need, I desire”: Explore Your Needs & Desires

Located in Victoria BC, Canada, Indigeo is a pansexual, sex-positive, and supportive place for people in the kink and extended community to explore their BD/DS/SM needs & desires. Whether you are drawn to, or driven by, your kink; we provide a crossroads where the exploration of self and sensation is promoted and encouraged in a safe, sane, and consensual environment.

Indigeo Volo was founded in August 2012 to ensure that the larger kink community in Victoria would have a place to join together, in solidarity and celebration. Indigeo has maintained a truly community-oriented, non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide a home for the wider kink community, a gathering place for many diverse and divergent needs and desires. Indigeo celebrates the vast diversity of kinky organizations in Victoria, and encourages people to explore their desires at any and all events.

Whether you are coming out for the first time, or are a long-time player in the scene, come out to meet like-minded people at Indigeo’s weekly Tuesday munches (socials) at the Argyle Attic, where we offer updates on upcoming events, casual camaraderie, introduce thought-provoking discussion topics, and encourage written and musical creativity.

Delve into your kink at our BDSM dungeon parties, with the largest play floor and variety of play equipment in Victoria. Whether you lean towards the voyeuristic or exhibitionistic side of the spectrum, you will find a welcome home. Explore your needs and desires in a place that encourages consensuality, ongoing learning, and the sharing of knowledge and experience. We will happily introduce you to the various pieces of equipment to ensure that you can focus exclusively on your scene and play partner(s). We also have a number of members in our society who will offer assistance as you learn to inflict or receive sadistic sensations upon your play partner’s or your body.

Our annual Conception Conference & Dungeon Parties, is an opportunity to meet with presenters from across North America and partake in some of the best education available. We host two, differently-themed dungeon parties during the weekend, where there is ample space to both play and socialize. Join the group (linked above) to keep up to date on information as the conference approaches.

This non-profit society is built on the idea of inclusion and giving back to the community. It is their hope that friends, past, present and future, will come together to help build a truly inclusive, sex-positive group that embraces all genders, sexual orientations, races, classes, body shapes, ages, abilities and kinks.